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Re: No shift in terminology

> The idea of "biopiracy" offers the multinationals, and the governments
> that work for them, an easy way to cement forever the regime of
> monopolies.  With a show of magnanimity, they can concede a small part
> of their income to a few lucky indigenous peoples; from then on
they are able to offer their shares as green and ethical investments.

> What people outside the developed world really need, for their
> agriculture and medecine, is to be exempt from all such monopolies.
> They need to be free to manufacture medicine without paying royalties
> to multinationals.  They need to be free to grow and breed all sorts
> of plants and animals for agriculture; and if they are interested in
> using genetic engineering, they should be free to commission the
> genetic modifications that suit their needs.  

I disagree to give anyone the right to create new life forms customized
to the current needs of companies and countries and setting the biodiversity
and ecological balance of the whole planet at risk. There is almost always 
another way to achieve the same goal without dangerous high tech.

Greetings, Werner Reisberger

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