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Re: [caravan99] KRRS & Monsanto

On Wed, Dec 02, 1998 at 09:02:55PM +0100, wrote:
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> Another mailing list you can subscribe to is gripes Mailing List 
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> place for you!!  If you see something that you want to speak out 
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Everybody subscribing to mailing lists running on commercial sites like should consider that it isn't guaranteed that your email address is
kept confidential especially if the list service is offered free of charge.
If the list is free of charge ads will be appended to every outgoing 
message i. e. you are getting unsolicited ads by subscribing to such an 
list. There is also the risk that subscriber addresses will be sold to 
spammers. The company may pretend the opposite but dealing addresses is a 
profitable business.

You won't have such risks on sites like is hosted by an german non-profit organisation which supports 
many grassroot groups (for more information: It isn't possible
for people other as the maintainers to retrieve the subscriber list.

Greetings, Werner (list maintainer)