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With the publication of 

<center><bold><bigger><bigger><bigger><bigger>Field trials of cotton
varieties not `terminator' related

</bigger></bigger></bigger></bigger></bold></center>archive 462, if not
on 25 Nov (see below), Prof M D Nanjundaswamy surely knows that Bt
cotton is not terminator related.

Also, it should not be expected that the Bt cotton will kill ALL
bollworms, Like many environmentally friendly approaches, it is only
partially effective.

>Date:  Wed, 25 Nov 1998 12:03:15 +0100


>Subject: Urgent information request


>Dear friends,


...... thus making it very easy for Monsanto to reject the criticism

>on the ground that TT is not being used in the field trials, and to

>away with their claim that TT is 'only a concept'.


>We hence want to shift the attention of the media to Bt and to

>biotechnology in general, and will stop for a while using TT as an

>example of the destructive potential of Monsanto........