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new list about gene/bio technology

Dear list members,

i am thinking about to launch a new list which should be dedicated to 
discussions among activists and opponents to gene/biotech. I am tired about
fruitless and frustrating discussions between opponents and advocates of
this technology while the whole world is at risk to become the plaything
of crazy "life scientists".

When i startet gentech in 1995 i thought there was a need to have a
discussion forum open for everyone which wasn't there at this time. 
It wasn't my purpose to attract advocates of GM, although i thought there
could be valuable contributions of both sides. Now i think that the most
former discussions were of minor value for the majority of readers.
Moreover, probably the apparently expert level and the technically focused 
exchange of arguments intimitated many readers and led them abstain from
discussions. I know many readers who left the list because they didn't want
to take part in boring quarrels.

My idea is to start a new list and leave gentech as it is, unmoderated and
open for everyone.

Since there are still many opponents to gene tech on this list i would shift
the subscriber list of gentech to the new list except of those which have
addresses like and those which are known as advocates
of GM. Anyone who will be at this point on both lists and would like to
stay only on a single list could unsubscribe herself/hisself as sHe like.

The new list would be a semi moderated list, which means subscriptions
will have to be confirmed by a team of maintainers and subscribers could be
removed from the list if it would be necessary. On the other side the
contributions of the subscribers to the list will not be moderated and
the list could be therefore a real discussion list among activists with
fast response times. There would be also a searchable web archive which
could be extended with documents as needed.

The prerequisite to start this new list is a team of list maintainers
which should represent a broad and diverse range of activists and opponents 
from as many countries as possible. To have such a team would guarantee to
a high degree that a possible removal of a list member would be
well founded and not an arbitrary decicion by a single person.

I would appreciate any offers to join this team of list maintainers (until
now there are three prospective team members). It would be also helpful if
there would be any suggestions for a name of the new list and a draft

There isn't a lot of work for a list maintainer, even if sHe would have to
do the work alone. It involves mainly to read the messages from the list
and if there would be a subscription request, one of the maintainer would
have to simply reply to this message. The rest will be done automatically
by the list server software.

For more technically details you could write me by email. 

Kind Regards, Werner Reisberger