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<center><bold>Wednesday, December 2 1998 



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<bold><bigger><bigger><bigger><bigger>Field trials of cotton varieties
not `terminator' related




GULBARGA: Field trials of Bollgard cotton varieties by the United
States-based seed giant monsanto at four places in Karnataka were not
related to the `Terminator gene', University of Agriculture Science (UAS)
Vice-Chancellor M Mahadevappa has said.

The much-feared `Terminator gene' prevents the use of second generation
seeds for sowing.

Talking to newspersons here, he said that monsanto was conducting the
trials of genetically developed Bollgard cotton variety seeds under
special conditions in the country. 

The seed was developed by injuction of a gene taken from the soil
bacterium, bacillius thuringiensis (BT).

 The BT gene was capable of killing certain insects, including the
commonly found pest `heliothis'(caterpillar). This pest is not vulnerable
to pesticides available in the market at present.

However, the Bollgard had reportedly proved to kill caterpillars, soon
after they feast on the plant.

 The Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha (KRRS), a farmers' organisation, had
announced agitational programme against monsanto, terming the Bollgard
seed as ``Terminator seeds''. They had also uprooted the crop planted at
a farm recently.

The State Government had constituted an inquiry committee to bring out
the `facts' on the alleged trial of `Terminator gene' in the state.




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