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  <</index.html><bold><smaller>DECCAN HERALD</smaller></bold>  
<bold><smaller>Wednesday, December 2, 1998</smaller></bold>   


<flushright><bold><bigger><bigger>Operation cremation


<bold><bigger><bigger><bigger>Raitha Sangha to burn Bollgard cotton in



Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha (KRRS) has threatened to reduce to ashes on
Wednesday one more field of Bollgard cotton, grown as a trial by
multinational Mahyco Monsanto at Bannikallu village in Bellary 

At a press conference here today, KRRS President Prof M D Nanjundaswamy
said the Sangha activists were destroying the crop with the consent of
farmers owning the fields.

He said, the Sangha proposes to educate and enlist the support of farmers
in their struggle against US-based Monsanto`s ''illegal`` and ''harmful``
field trials of genetically engineered cotton variety, which allegedly
contains the dreaded ''terminator gene``, which renders the seeds

He gave a call to all farmers in whose lands the field trials on the
Monsanto`s cotton variety were being conducted to burn down the crop.
''The farmers did not suspect that the experiment on cotton variety would
risk the viability of not only his farm, but of his entire community``,
Prof Nanjundaswamy said.

As part of their ''Operation Cremation Monsanto``, KRRS activisits had
burnt down Bollgard cotton crop in half an acre of land at Maledagudda
village in Raichur district on Saturday last.

Prof Nanjundaswamy said the campaign against the Mahyco Monsanto`s field
trials will be intensified and taken to other parts of the country where
the trials were being conducted.

<bold>TO MOVE COURT:</bold> Prof Nanjundaswamy said his Sangha will file
criminal cases against Monsanto and the Union and the State government
for allowing the company to gamble with the future of Indian

Questioning Monsanto`s claim about higher yields by Bollgard and its
capacity to resist pests, including the much feared bollworm, Prof
Nanjundaswamy said the company had not taken any bio-safety measures like
creating a buffer zone around the genetically engineered cotton crop to
reduce bio-pollution.

Despite regular application of manure and pesticide on the cotton variety
during field trials, the plants are infested with bollworm, the pest
which Bollgard is supposed to control, Prof Nanjundaswamy claimed.

Further, the Bollgard plants have grown miserably to less than half the
size of traditional cotton plants in adjacent fields, Prof Nanjundaswamy


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