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Re: [caravan99] india/monsanto mailing lists?

Hallo, all of you,
Carla here:

At 20:50 2-12-1998 +0200, you wrote:
>dear all,
>i've asked swamy and sergio, but there's no reply from them since
>they're probably busy grilling fields. i'm receiving a number of
>questions on india/monsanto on the address, and for some
>reason the pga secretariat always seems to be among the last to receive
>swamy and sergio's messages. more specifically, i receive questions
>about the mailing list announced by sergio and swamy. it does not seem
>to exist where it was announced. does anyone know whether one exists?

It is not existing, i've tried several times, always get something about
the nonexistence of that list back.
>where do you people get the messages from, those of you who cross-post
>them on the caravan list?

We, Infocentrum Wageningen, are receiving the genet-list and there were a
few article on it, so i posted it to the caravan99-list.
Posting is no problem, receiving is. But i've got this one, so you never
>this is another great example of communication within pga. not even the
>pga secretariat is informed.
>thanks for any help,
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