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Public Perception and Public Policy Conference

"European Biotechnology Forum: Public Perception and Public Policy"

15-16 December 1998
Palais des Congrès de Bruxelles

The Task Group on Public Perceptions of Biotechnology is part of the
European Federation of Biotechnology. It is organising an international
conference on topical issues in public opinion and policy making regarding
biotechnology. The conference will be held in Brussels, from 15-16 December

Biotechnology is rapidly maturing in Europe. As it does so, a host of
questions are emerging in different fields of application. Their resolution
depends crucially on European public opinion and public policy.
The European Biotechnology Forum will bring together key participants in
the current debates about biotechnology from science, industry, consumer
and environmental organisations, government and the media. With the help of
social scientists who have been tracking public attitudes to different
biotechnologies, the Forum will seek constructive ways forward based upon
dialogue between biotechnology and its many publics.

Leading speakers include Mr Anthony Arke (EuropaBio, Brussels), Prof John
Beringer (Chairman, Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment, UK),
Mr Mark Cantley (OECD, Paris), Prof John Durant (Science Museum London), Dr
Bruno Hansen (European Commission, DG XII), Dr Carlos Joly (Monsanto
Europe, Brussels), Mr Alastair Kent (European Alliance of Genetic Support
Groups, London), Mr Dan Leskien (Friends of the Earth, Europe), Dr Lutz
Mueller-Kuhrt (Chairman, German Biotechnology Association and AnalytiCon
eV, Potsdam), Dr George Poste (SmithKline Beecham, Harlow), Prof Peter
Whittaker (European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies to the
Commission), Mr Bernhard Zepter (Deputy Secretary General and Chairman of
the Biotechnology Coordinating Committee, European Commission).

This conference is supported by :
European Commission DGXII

Further information:
Dr David J Bennett
Secretary, EFB Task Group on Public Perceptions of Biotechnology
Schuytstraat 12
2517 XE The Hague, Netherlands
Telephone & fax: +31 70 365 3857; email: