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Re: UC Finalizes Pioneering Research Deal, archive 427

After having read the whole article sent by Epstein, I am left wondering
what all of the fuss was about.  For those of you who are not familiar with
University administration, this is an excellent deal for the public. The
work is about understanding plant genomes, which has broad utility for
classical plant breeding, and is only tangentally related to transgenic
crops.  It would be far more useful for "marker assisted selection", which
is an application of molecular biology to classical breeding.  Most
importantly, "unrestricted" is a key word in agreements of this type;
Novartis has only the rights of first refusal to license patents.


>    The UC Berkeley deal signed yesterday gives UC access to Novartis'
>proprietary technology and databases on
>    plant DNA. Novartis receives special bargaining rights for the products
>of the research.....

>    Still being discussed between the campus officials and company
>executives is a proposed $25 million research
>    lab for UC that Novartis would pay for.....
>    The deal calls for a new Norvatis subsidiary, the La Jolla-based
>Novartis Agricultural Discovery Institute, to
>    pay $25 million to UC, of which $16.7 million will fund unrestricted
>research in plant genomics. The research
>    will focus on plant genes and related plant characteristics, the campus
>said in a statement.
>    The remaining $8.3 million will pay for overhead on campus and for
>graduate-student stipends in the College of Natural Resources.....
>    The deal gives Novartis ``first rights to negotiate'' for any
>discoveries that result from the research. The
>    university will own the patents for any products that result from the
>collaboration and will be entitled to royalties.