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RE: Orange High

When I posted the San Francisco Bay Guardian piece on  gen-manipulating
oranges to include THC, I snipped a postscript/footnote without first
reading it.

the footnate said:
<<The South to the Future World Wide Wire Service is a weekly feed of
    technology and media news commentary and satire published by the San
    Francisco Bay Guardian. Quotations attributed to public figures who
    are satirized are often true, but sometimes invented. Some fictional
    statements may, in fact, be true. Any other use of real names is
    accidental and coincidental. Editorial questions may be sent to John

The relevant issue of the San Franscico Bay Guardian is no longer at the web page - but another of the line of contributions
is in the current edition and with the identical postscript.

Thanks to the reader who told me. Satire or not, it was a good reminder of
what may be possible under the new scientific technology, especially in
light of the later Sunday Times piece about manipulations having the
purpose of targeting persons having specific genes.