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3 most evil transgenic plant creations

I would like to thank those who have replied so far to my question:
given an evil mind and the typical lab facilities for genetic
manipulation, what are the 3 most evil creations one can do?

My question wasn't meant to imply that Dr. Bubofsky had an evil mind.
My apologies to the good doctor if such an impression was created.

The answers I've gotten so far:
- terminator gene
- bio-terrorism agents

I appreciate the philosophical direction some answers have taken and I
am also interested in pursuing those topics, although this wasn't
quite what I was looking for.

I am basically looking for additional arguments I can use in my own
country, where I sit an alternate member of the committee that
regulates this technology. I find that practically all discussions
presume good intentions on the part of the scientists using the
technology. Even the multinationals, whose intentions are not quite
noble, use the technology under the mask of good intentions.

It seems that the technology is advancing fast enough that soon, any
graduate-level student using the typical university lab (and maybe
later any bright undergrad or high school student?) can actually
transfer genes and create transgenics. I find incredibly naive (and
dangerous) the assumption that everyone, bar one, who uses the
technology has good intentions.

This led to my question (which I hope will get a few more answers)
about the evil transgenes that an evil mind can create. (I know that
some might hesitate to suggest things because it might actually give
evil minds some ideas... I understand that concern very well--so
perhaps let's not get carried away too much, ok?)

In the meantime, I've also come across ideas which suggest that it is
impossible now to stop or ban the technology. If we *know*, that an
evil mind can create really evil things with such a technology, I
wonder if we shouldn't at least try...

Governments ban natural plants (cannabis), don't they?
Governments selectively ban technologies, don't they? (technologies
to break digital audio tapes come to mind, I'm sure there are others)
Governments ban drug paraphernalia, don't they?

Surely, if they find it worth trying to ban these things, it should
be worth trying to ban something which, in the hands of even a single
properly-equipped evil mind, can threaten whole populations if not the
entire humanity.

Roberto Verzola