GENTECH archive


searching in the web archive

Dear list member,

the following are some hints for using the web archive of GENTECH on

The archive of the mailing list is divided in parts, representing a certain
time range. Messages to GENTECH are stored every 2 months in another location.
You can constrain your search to the messages for a given time range
(the neighborhood) or you can search the full archive which includes currently
3 mailing lists about genetic engineering (2 in the german language).

There are some possibilities to confine your search which aren't mentioned
on the archive site (i will install the appropriate pages asap). The most
useful and important ones are the following:

1) Combination with AND: ";"

   The documents which includes ALL of the given text strings should be
   found. Example:

   monsanto;pesticide illness

   retrieves all documents in which both strings "monsanto" and 
   "pesticide illness" could be found. Attention: Don't leave
   blanks around the ";".

2) Combination with OR: ","

   The documents which includes ANY of the given text strings should be
   found. Example:

   basmati,TRIPS,intellectual property

   retrieves all documents in which any one of the three strings can be

3) Combination with AND NOT: ";~"

   The documents which includes NOT the text string behind ";~" should
   be found. Example:


   retrieves all documents which contain the word "illness" but not the
   word "monsanto".

Regards, Werner Reisberger (list maintainer)