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differences in the roots of GM cotton

For those of us unable to access the web directly, could the pertinent
passages be posted here?

I am particularly concerned about any differences in mycorrhizae, the
symbiotic root fungi that live in and on most plant roots.  I would expect
them to be different, and am wondering in what ways and to what degree they
may differ.  Does this site address the issue?

A difference in the mycorrhizae will affect the nutrient uptake of the
plant from the soil, and I would expect also the nature of the root exudate
from the plant to the surrounding soil microbes as well, thus likely
affecting both the nutritional status and valu of the plant and the
biological profile of soil flora and fauna populations and thus soil

Beth von Gunten

Herve LE MEUR wrote:

>I discovered the web site :
>on which there is namely an article on the differences on the roots of
>the GM coton and the standard coton.
>Could the experts confirm or criticize ?
>If the roots are different, could it be by reactivation or
>desactivation of a gene, because of the insertion ?
>If this happens for coton, why couldn't it happen for GM corn, GM soja ?
>Then equivalence should be discussed ?