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Extremely Interesting Explanation on Lupus Connection to NutraSweet (serotonin depletion?)

: Dear Dorothy:  First note my new email address.  I can't thank you enough
for this information on Lupus' connection to NutraSweet. There are many
doctors on our Mission Possible list that write in journals and are
authorities on this neurotoxin.  Your information may help them to do more
research and write more articles to inform the consumer public.  

Yes, you are right about serotonin.  The phenylalanine in aspartame lowers
the seizure threshold of the brain and depletes serotonin. Researchers say
lowered serotonin triggers manic depression, paranoia, panic attacks,
anxiety, rage and suicidal tendencies. We have seen all these behavioral
problems in NutraSweet victims.  One lady from California was a Diet coke
addict and was going to the E.R. every ten days in dire circumstances due
to lupus.  When we warned her off NutraSweet she no longer had these
serious episodes that took her to the hospital and indeed she became
asymptomatic.  Aspartame not only triggers lupus but if they don't know
that aspartame is the culprit and continue to use it the disease many times
becomes life threatening.  In telling this story to a friend in Florida she
admitted her daughter was seriously ill with lupus and also a Diet Coke
addict.  I mentioned that aspartame also causes infertiity because it
changes the menses and Kathy said her daughter had been trying to have a
baby for 10 years.  A year later Kathy told me her daughter had immediately
got off Diet Coke, was no longer symptomatic with lupus and had given birth
to a baby boy.  Incidently, aspartame also triggers birth defects.  

Steve Skindell wrote about his brother a physician who had lupus and when
he got off aspartame all his symmptoms disappeared too. He said that his
brother's specialist was going to write a research paper on the connection
of aspartame and lupus because he was so impressed.  However, I have not
seen that report.

These are the ones with happy endings.  I lectured at the World
Environmental Conference in l995 and in the keynote address by the EPA (Dr.
Gaylord) she said "We have an epidemic of MS and lupus and we cannot
identify the toxin".  I explained I was there to lecture on MS and lupus
and identify the toxin as NutraSweet.  As I gave the symptoms of aspartame
you could hear people in the audience explaining "I have it, I have it".
Aspartame has now been declared a disease by H. J. Roberts, M.D., and his
paper was distributed to doctors and scientists from 91 countries of the
world at the First International Conference on Emerging Diseases.  His
medical text on the worldwide epidemic of Aspartame Disease will be
available in about six months.  

I assume you have been on and gotten a great deal of
information.  There is also another web page beneath my signature belonging
to Mark Gold on the dangers of aspartame.  Dr. Roberts publications can be
gotten at 1 800 814-9800 and neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock has written
Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills 1 800 643-2665.  DORway connects to over
30 other web sites on the dangers of aspartame including, Jon Baum who has Mission Possible Capital Area and
Mission Possible Radio.  You can also listen to the broadcasts of doctors
on the subject if you have audio.  

We have someone now who will be scanning in other reports to be added to
DORway including Dr. Wurtman's papers on phenylalanine which will go into
the depletion of serotonin.  So keep accessing the web site.  We jsut added
the protest of the National Soft Drink Association so that the world will
know that Coke and Pepsi knew the gun was loaded before they put this
neurotoxin in their products.  It is not a diet product.  Read Dr. Sandra
Cabot's position paper  on how aspartame makes you fatter.
Also, it is a drug and not an additive and interacts with other drugs.  It
changes the brain chemsitry and changes the dopamine level of the brain.  

We are talking about an epidemic of great magnitude and as Dr. James Bowen
told the FDA many years ago - "This is mass poisoning of the American
Public and more than 70 countries of the world."  With over 200 million on
aspartame you can understand why there is an epidemic of lupus.  Aspartame
destroys the central nervous system and mimics MS.  It also is escalating
Alzheimers and you can read this in Dr. Roberts book Defense AGainst
Alzheimers Disease.  

I certainly appreciate your research.  I hope that you will send your case
to the FDA on the form on DORway with a copy to us because the FDA is not
acknowledging the complaints to the media.  We will put this on other lists
so that your information can help others.  If you give us permission to
publish Dave Rietz who has the DORway web site with Mission Possible files
will add your case history so that others with lupus can read of your
experience.  Also, there is a form for Dr. Roberts for evaluation and

Thank you for writing.  If you wish to be on the Mission Possible list and
get updates and other case historeis (its one way) let me know and I'll add
your name.  

For those on the list read on to this interesting case of NutraSweet
triggered lupus, and research information.

P.S.  When you send me a copy of your report to FDA put a note to send you
Dr. Wurtman's reports and I'll send them by return mail if you want them
before they are added to web. 

>>To: "Dorothy Montague" <>

>>Subject: Re: Lupus connection to nutrasweet
>>At 08:07 PM 6/21/98 -0700, you wrote:
>>>I am a Lupus victim that has done considerable research over the years, 
>>>and in my opinion have cured my Lupus.  I was intrigued by the 
>>>connection of nutrasweet to Lupus and it does correlate to my theory but 

>>>in a way you probably have not considered.
>>>Years ago I became suspicious that all the diseases in my family showed 
>>>up in the Lupus literature -- Lupus supposedly mimicked these disorders.  
>>>So I began to browse the literature related to each disease to see if I 
>>>could find any commonality.  Yes, I found one -- LOW SEROTONIN.  Lupus, 
>>>migraine headaches, ulcers, bipolar disease, schizophrenia, ulcerative 
>>>colitis, down syndrome, and suicide have all been diagnosed in my 
>>>immediate family and all are correlated to LOW SEROTONIN.  While I had 
>>>Lupus my family doctor looked at my research and was willing to 
>>>experiment by placing me on Nardil.  The results were fantastic.  For 
>>>several years a combination of Plaquenil and Nardil worked well (I did 
>>>try going off the Plaquenil for experimental reasons; however I had a 
>>>severe skin outbreak and had to resume the use of Plaquenil).
>>>In 1990 (due to my intuition) I thought that I had an abscessed tooth. 
>>>My dentist could find nothing wrong on the X-rays but was willing to 
>>>drill into a suspicious tooth.  It was dead and had been dead for along 
>>>time. I insisted that there were more and all my teeth were 
>>>root-canaled; 7 teeth were dead and the rest were in some state of the 
>>>dying process.  They looked as if they were being strangulated as the 
>>>blood supply was being shut off. My Lupus improved dramatically and it 
>>>was then I stopped my Plaquenil to see if the skin lesions had lessened.  
>>>They had, and I have never taken anymore Plaquenil.  But I began having 
>>>headaches and earaches and insisted that the root canaled teeth had to 
>>>be removed.  It was a different dentist that told me that I was 
>>>absolutely correct and that everything I had discovered had been 
>>>discovered 75 years ago by a dentist by the name of Weston Price.  An 
>>>Internet search of "focal infections" will take you to several of the 
>>>sites discussing this connection to the autoimmune diseases.  By the 
>>>way, Dr. Price (who in his day was a big wig, he began the research 
>>>division of the American Dental Association) had included ulcers and 
>>>mental illness in his category of rheumatic diseases caused by these 
>>>hidden dental infections.  He believed that 25% of the population was 
>>>susceptible due to genetic reasons.  He felt the genetic defect was a 
>>>response to Tuberculosis and those people with a genetic heritage in 
>>>areas of high Tuberculosis had these genes to protect them from TB 

>>>(similar to the relationship of sickle cell anemia and malaria).
>>>I showed an oral surgeon Dr. Price's works and based on this he was 
>>>willing to remove all my teeth.  Since then I have had no Lupus symptoms 
>>>but have remained on Nardil because I believe Low Serotonin is the 
>>>underlying cause which I will get to in a moment.
>>>Current research indicates that there is a bacteria link to the 
>>>autoimmune diseases.  It is felt that the bacteria itself is not the 
>>>cause but that the toxins produced cause a mimicry for the immune 
>>>system.  An Internet search of "bacteria AND arthritis" will bring lots 
>>>of sites.  It is conclusive for a type of arthritis called Reactive 
>>>Arthritis which is correlated to the HLA-B27 antigen which by the way I 
>>>In the Lupus literature vasculitis is correlated to Lupus.  It is felt 
>>>that Lupus causes vasculitis.  My theory is that it is the reverse.  
>>>Vasculitis causes Lupus.  Something caused my teeth to die.  They 
>>>appeared to be strangulated (vasculitis).  In the Serotonin literature I 
>>>found that Low Serotonin causes vasculitis.  Hence my thinking is that 
>>>Low Serotonin leads to vasculitis among other things, the vasculitis 
>>>causes tissue to die (in my case the teeth), the dead tissue becomes a 
>>>breeding ground for bacteria (dead teeth are especially good incubators 
>>>since it is hard, i.e. impossible, for the immune system to get into 
>>>them to kill the bacteria, the bacteria release toxins which mimic 
>>>chemicals in the victims own body and hence lead to autoimmune diseases.
>>>Probably nutrasweet depletes the Serotonin or somehow interferes with 
>>>its chemical pathway, especially in those people who have a genetic 
>>>problem causing serotonin malfunctioning which I definitely think fits 
>>>my family.  Hence if not the actual cause, certainly nutrasweet would 
>>>exacerbate the problem.
>>>Please let me know what you think.
>>>Dorothy Montague
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