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Re: FDA Orders Destruction of 2,500 Stevia Books, and MORE!

Dear Mark:  I'm putting this story on the media list and others.  No wonder
there is an FDA Holocaust Museum in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.   Zoltan P.
Rona, M.D. wrote about Stevia in Health Naturally in Aug/Sept. 1996 issue.
He said that stevia is a perennial shrub, the extracts of which have been
used for centuries as a safe, natural sweetener by people in Paraguay and
Brazil.  Virtually calorie-free, stevia prevents cavities and does not
trigger a rise in blood sugar.  It is well known for aiding diabetics
because it helps in the metabolism of sugar.   If asked in many countries
where it is used what it is, the reply would probably be "its a sweetener".
 For years Stevia was embargoed in the U.S. and many felt that the FDA with
strong loyalty to Monsanto maker of the poison, aspartame, didn't want
competition.  With years of pressure finally they agreed for approval as a
dietary supplement and lifted the embargo.  

The public doesn't care what you call Stevia as long as there is  finally
something with a record of thousands of years of safety that they can rely
on, and something that will allow diabetics to sweeten their food  and add
taste enjoyment to life.  Aspartame on the other hand according to diabetic
specialist H. J. Roberts, M.D., causes in diabetics destruction of the
optic nerve, out-of-control blood sugar, and even convulsions.  Many suffer
from the agonizing joint pain triggered by aspartame (hardens the synovial
fluids) believing they are suffering from diabetic retinopathy or

According to Dr. Rona there has never been a report of an adverse reaction
linked to stevia while complaints flood into Mission Possible on aspartame
from seizures and blindness to brain tumors and death.  The FDA Report
itself lists  92 documented symptoms including death.  They are not even
acknowledging to the press the true number of  complaints and even in
Congress it was admitted that they have gone so far as to refer complaints
to the AIDS Hotline to prevent their record.  But even with their blind eye
and deaf ear the disease and death continues on aspartame in record numbers
and a paper distributed at the First International Conference on Emerging
Diseases written by Dr. Roberts has declared Aspartame to be a disease and
worldwide epidemic.  

Dr. Rona said in his article "For apparently no good reason other than
political, stevia is under attack by the U.S. Food and Drug Adm. ..   In
1991, the FDA banned stevia imports for use in foods, reported at the
request of an aspartame manufacturer.   Stevia is also non-patentable,
another undesirable feature for the drug barons."  Dozens of well-designed
studies of stevia's safety, chemistry and stability for use in different
food products have been published worldwide.

Is this the message the FDA sends us:  "Do not call it what it is, do not
use it for what its been used for centuries,  and do not educate others on
its health factors and use.   We will continue to deny that aspartame is a
deadly drug, and  propagate the myth that it is the most tested drug in
history.  We will steadfastly continue our  undying loyalty to Monsanto
Chemical, the largest manufacturer of poisons in the world."

Read on  for Mark Gold's article and do as he  says in educating yourself
on the history of Stevia.  Carefully follow the instructions in his last
paragraph.  Here is the formula of how you take lemons and make lemonade:
Spread this note the world over so that more people than ever will be
educated on Stevia, and that more journalists will write about it.  And
make sure that the FDA understands that the Salem Witch trials are over.
We cannot tolerate this betrayal of public trust by a government agency.
Weren't the raids legend during the era of the dietary supplement bill to
save vitamins and herbs enough?  Must the FDA shame the United States of
America more?  

Yesterday NBC announced that a child died drinking a famous diet soda, and
then the story that was suppose to be aired on Extra was pulled. (N.J.)  We
need investigation of what transpired.  Among other things we demand SAFETY
in what our children consume.     Betty Martini, Mission Possible
 02:01 PM 5/22/98 -0400, you wrote:
>         FDA Orders Destruction of Stevia Books 
>On May 20, 1998, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 
>ordered the destuction of 2,500 books about the herbal sweetener 
>stevia. A small company in Arlington Texas, Stevita, Co., was 
>visited by the FDA and forced to stop selling stevia and books 
>that mention that stevia can be used as a sweetener.

>The Stevia Story by Linda & Bill Bonvie and Donna Gates was 
>amongst the popular stevia books which came under FDA attack. 
>According to the FDA order, "The presence of these publications 
>renders stevia adulterated and unsafe for public consumption."
>Some have now questioned whether the FDA is now promoting "book 
>burning" as a way to attack herbal products.
>Stevia is widely-used as a no-calorie herbal sweetener -- a replacement
>for sugar and for the more toxic artificial sweeteners such as Monsanto's
>aspartame/neotame (NutraSweet). Stevia has been used for centuries without
>adverse reactions and it is said to be particularly helpful for diabetics.
>Extensive independent laboratory studies have shown no danger from stevia
>The use of stevia as a sweetener is common in Japan, Korea, 
>and South America.  Because people are getting off of artificial 
>sweeteners, stevia's popularity is growing rapidly in the United 
>States. However, the FDA continues to try prevent stevia from being
>used as a sweetener with actions that many assume are intended to 
>protect Monsanto, the manufacturer of aspartame/neotame.
>Stevia Resources
>There are many companies selling high-quality stevia products. 
>A listing of a selection of those vendors can be found on the 
>"Healthier Sweetener Resource List" at:
>The above-mentioned web page includes detailed scientific and general 
>information about stevia.
>Information about the book, The Stevia Story can be found at:
>The Stevita Co. web page can be found at:
>Information about the toxicity of aspartame (NutraSweet), sucralose 
>and acesulfame-k can be found on the Aspartame (NutraSweet) Toxicity 
>Information Center web page at:
>Please share this news article with other newsgroups and mailing lists. 
>So, that the FDA can be certain that you do not suffer from improved
>health or are exposed to any undue psychological influences, please print
>out this article, burn it, and send the ashes to the Dr. Michael Friedman,
>Acting FDA Commissioner, Book Burning Division, US Food & Drug
>Administration, 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20857. :-)
>                             - Mark
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