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Re: Blaylock - Part 2 (continuation of transcript/aspartame, with special attention to seizures and hazards to aviation)

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At 01:49 PM 7/12/98 -0400, you wrote:
>JON BAUM:  I just got passed a note that says that both Nutra System and
>Craig Diet Plans use Crystal Light as a water substitute, do you know
>about that?
>DR. BLAYLOCK:  I have heard that some of the diet systems are advocating
>Crystal Light and I shudder when I see that.  I think anyone who is going to
>go on a diet and take NutraSweet products, you are putting yourself at the
>maximum risk.  If you are on a low calorie diet that lowers your blood sugar
>then that greatly increases your chances of having a seizure, cardiac
>or neurodegenerative changes in your brain.  I think that's very hazardous. 
>BETTY MARTINI:  Dr. Blaylock of course, we are flooded with complaints day
>night and you're right they're neurological, central nervous system problems.
>You were mentioning Crystal Light and we get so many complaints on it, it's
>interesting that one of them came from an actress who had to advertise
>Light and she said she could hardly get through it, she had so many
>gastrointestinal complaints and we also seem to get a lot of them on Diet
>Aid.  These powders that are mixed with aspartame as if it's just chemicals
>and aspartame and they seem to be the top complaints of products like this
>but, Crystal Light is right up at the top.
>DR. BLAYLOCK:  Well, it may be that in both cases Kool Aid and Crystal Light
>is because people drink such large volumes.  Some of the people I've
talked to
>that's had Crystal Light problems, it's a drink that you can drink a lot of.
>You know a Diet Cola, you may not drink the volume that you would drink of
>Crystal Light or of Kool Aid.  Children are particularly susceptible with
>Aid and there's special ADD patients who have had just horrendous problems
>with NutraSweet that cleared up once they got off of it so, the mothers need
>to really be careful about those two drinks and I think it's because the
>people drink a lot larger volume and therefore are getting a higher
>concentration of the NutraSweet than they would in diet colas or other forms.
>JON BAUM:  Dr. Blaylock, we touched lightly on ADD and ADHD.  What are
>learning disorders that aspartame can aggravate or even cause?
>DR. BLAYLOCK:  Well, this is something that's of a lot of concern to people
>that particularly work with ADD children and ADHD which is the hyperactive
>form of Attention Deficit Disorder. One of the persons involved is Dr. Keith
>Connors who has written the book called "Feeding the Brain: How Foods Affects
>Children." In this book he talks about a four year old child who was drinking
>some aspartame sweetened rootbeer and just became berzerk.  The child was
>hyperactive, violent, complaining of headaches and the doctor suggested to
>stop the NutraSweet sweetened rootbeer.  The mother took it away, the child
>just returned to normal, pleasant, normal mentation, no headaches and she was
>kind of skeptical so she decided just to let this child start drinking it
>again.  She did and the same thing happened. He gives case after case like
>this which if you examine what we're talking about is actually doing double

>blind studies in single individual cases which demonstrate quite clearly
>the only variable is the NutraSweet. So this is producing some ADHD type
>problems that are very clear.  Now one of the studies that was done, a two
>part study by Freider and Grimm is an Israeli study at the University there,
>tried to determine what was causing some of these problems with mentation.
>They fed pregnant mice an exitotoxin, and they found that the offspring had a
>normal appearing learning for simple things but for complex learning they
>severely impaired.  And when they studied the brains to see why, they found
>out that the neurotransmitter called acetyl choline had been reduced 80% and
>remained reduced throughout the entire childhood period of that animal.  So
>what we're seeing is a profound change in the chemistry of the brain of
>children that are exposed to these exitotoxins while they're still inside
>their mother during the developmental period. Subsequent studies, one in
>Neuroscience Behavioral Review in 1993, found that nutrition was probably the
>single most important environmental influence on the development of the brain
>in the fetus and another study in 1995 in BioMedicine and Environmental
>Science found that these exitotoxins severely effect the hypothalamus in
>newborn babies so that the wiring or how all these different neurons connect
>to one another may be altered and would be altered permanently so that the
>child's hypothalamus would not work properly throughout the rest of their
>life, and this can effect immunity as well, so that the immune system is
>totally altered thorughout the rest of their life. Another interesting study
>in children found that when pregnant mothers were fed glutamate and other
>exitotoxins they had a dramatic increase in free radical formation in the
>offspring and that continued all through adolescence.  It increased free
>radical formation 56%. That's damaging the brain cells, throughout all that
>period. So we have a multitude of research papers that have been done and
>studies that have been done that shows these exitotoxins have a profound
>damaging effect on the development of the brains of newborns. Even when these
>children are exposed to it after birth, they have severe changes in their
>brain and many of these things are not reversible so pregnant women drinking
>NutraSweet may be doing enormous amounts of damage and we've known that
>ironically the phenylalanine from NutraSweet in the mother's blood
>concentrates inside the blood of the baby two fold, that is the level inside
>the baby's body is twice as high as it is in the mother, and that pregnant
>women actually have higher concentrations than non-pregnant women so this
>baby's getting an even higher concentration of this brain- toxic chemical.
>same thing can happen with glutamate and aspartate. They are also transferred
>into the baby in high concentrations.  So we have good evidence that drinking
>Nutrasweet and exposing the child's brain to these exitotoxic substances can
>produce significant alteration in the brain formation.

>BETTY MARTINI:  I'm glad you went into that Dr. Blaylock.  I was about to
>you some questions about it.  Dr. Louis Elsas testified before congress that
>aspartame is a neurotoxin and a terotagen that triggers birth defects and
>pediatric genetics and there is no warning on aspartame and that's almost
>criminal because we've gotten many complaints from mothers who said they
>didn't know and they'd lost as many as seven babies using diet drinks.  But,
>I'd like to ask you, are the effects of exitotoxins reversible?
>DR. BLAYLOCK:  Well, generally what we find is that there's two types of
>effects by exitotoxins, one is with massive doses it will kill the cells,
>is it will kill critical areas of brain cells particularly in the
>hypothalamus.  Once they're gone, they're lost.  The second effect is what we
>call the physiological effect, that means it alters how the cell functions
>if you stop the toxin, the cell can recover and return back to normal and
>we've seen that clinically, particulary in children in which they develop
>severe violence and hyperactivity and uncontrollable behavior, that if you
>stop the NutraSweet, they return to normal. They're nice, pleasant children
>without headaches who can learn normally, so a lot of these things are
>reversible. and we also know that if these children would continue to consume
>NutraSweet over long periods of time it can become permanent. There have even
>been cases of children that need to be institutionalized because of prolonged
>exposure to high concentrations of aspartame.  So its critical that mothers,
>if they're pregnant and they're drinking Nutrasweet to stop now.  If they're
>letting their children have it, to stop now.  It's just something so critical
>they can't wait, they need to stop it now.  They can't ween off of it, they
>can't procrastinate about it, they need to stop it right now.
>BETTY MARTINI:  I know that we don't have too much time left and I
wondered if
>Dr. Blaylock, you could touch on one of the breakdown products
>diketopiperazine, not too many people relaize that aspartame is a drug an
>it breaks down into a witches brew of toxins and that it did in lab animals
>trigger astrocytomas in rats.
>DR. BLAYLOCK:  In fact that was the first red flag that came up and this
>experiment was done by G. D. Searle Company. I discuss that in some detail in
>my book, how all of this came about. But what was interesting was that their
>own laboratories showed that there was a tremendous increase in brain tumors
>in the experimental animals exposed to NutraSweet and that it was dose
>related. The higher the dose, the more brain tumors.  There was a forty-seven
>(47) fold increase of brain turmos in their mice.  The longer the mouse was
>exposed to it, the higher the incidence of tumors.  The older it became, the
>more likely that a tumor would develop.  I have received numerous phone calls
>and letters and e-mails from young women all over the country who have been
>heavy NutraSweet users who have astrocytomas. There's an unexplained increase
>in astrocytomas in the United States and the American Board of Neurological

>Surgery and the Tumor Registry have no idea why. Dr. Olney, John Olney,
gave a
>news conference in which he tried to explain it but unfortunately I don't
>think enough people understood that importance attached to this news
>conference. And what they need to do is look at the Jerome Bressler Report
>which is a government report of the research that was done in this area. As
>Betty says, what happens in NutraSweet the longer it sits in that can or
>goods, it is broken down into diketopiperazine which is a cancer causing
>substance and it is thought to be the cause of the brain tumors, it's related
>to another substance that we use to induce brain tumors in experiental
>animals. So, if you read the book, I tell the whole story of the Bressler
>Report, the incidence of brain tumors and how they manipulated the results.
>It's an interesting story but it's also critical for that reason to avoid
>JON BAUM:  Dr. Blaylock, we only have a few seconds left, exactly thirty, and
>I want to thank you for being on our show. I know your time is valuable.  I
>want to thank Betty Martini from Atlanta and can we bring you on another
>DR. BLAYLOCK:  I'd be glad to.
>JON BAUM:  Thank you very much.
>DR. BLAYLOCK:  And I appreciate the opportunity.
>BETTY MARTINI: Thank you Dr. Blaylock.
>DR. BLAYLOCK:  Thank you Betty.
>JON BAUM:  This is Jon Baum from Mission Possible Radio, we'll be back here
>next week, not sure who the guest is going to be. We were also on the
>at, and all you have to do is hit the live feed and we
>thank our internet listeners. Good night.
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