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Re: Roundup Ready Cotton, archive 71

Robert Cohen wrote:
> Rick Roush wrote:
> There is something about this (cotton-picking) story that I don't
> understand.  If a crop doesn't work, the growers won't buy it.
> Dear Rick,
> How right you are! With the genetically engineered bovine protein many
> small farmers could not tolerate 5-10 percent of their herds getting
> mastitis or various bone diseases.  Larger factory farms could tolerate
> such losses, selling sick animals to fast-food hamburger chains.
> BOTTOM LINE:  The small farmers cannot afford such mistakes and for them
> genetic engineering has become a financial burden.  The larger farms can
> rely upon better management techniques and when properly used find
> genetically engineered products represent greater profits.
> Aside to new listmembers:  I am absolutely 100 percent AGAINST genetic
> engineering of our foods at this time in history.  We are making too
> many mistakes and rushing those foods into world supermarkets.  We
> create gene transcription errors, deny those errors, hide the scientific
> research, change our laws to favor pharmaceuticl companies and place
> health needs of the citizens of this planet in jeopardy.
> Rick is right.  If they make it and it works there will be a market
> because the bottom line is dollars!
> Robert "The NOTMILKMAN" Cohen -