GENTECH archive 8.96-97



Ron Ratney wrote:
By the same token, the preservation of biodiversity should take
precedence over self indulgent utopian visions of feeding the world
without modern farming and biotechnology.

Dear Ron,

Your perceptions need tuning...Everybody is wrong by Ron...Every nation
is savage except for America.  Do you really think that farmers in
Sub-Saharan African nations plant seeds with pointy sticks?

It does not take more than one season of looting to teach these farmers
that entire harvests, once looted, cannot feed or pay the farmer's
family.  Ron?  Genetically engineered crops are looted or burn the same
way as normal wholesome grains and veggies.

There are no subsidies or incentives for farmers to not grow crops as
there are in the United States.  As a matter of fact, why the hell do we
still offer such incentive programes here (on one hand), and then give
tax breaks to biotech firms to find ways to produce more food?

You and Jimmy Carter should visit these nations and see the vast and
barren fields which have been abandoned.  Perhaps we can genetically
engineer (and clone) kinder and gentler war lords!

Robert Cohen