GENTECH archive 8.96-97



	The claim has been made that the antibiotics used in genetic
engineering of crops are no longer used in human medicine because
pathogenic bacteria have all grown resistant to them. One antibiotic,
Kanamycin, is used extensively in crop genetic engineering. A search of
Medline on the Web showed that Kanamycin  has significant and extensive
clinical application. The following references deal with the clinical
applications of Kanamycin:
Yelon,J, Green,J, and Evans,J. 1996 J.Am.Coll.Surg. 182,509-14 Kanamycin
was recommended to treat patients with blunt trauma.
Hernandez,J.,Kerns,F.,and Teague,A. 1996 Ann.Thorac.Surg. 61,772  Wound
irrigation with Kanamycin.
Kutushev,F.,Spesivitsev,I. And Bechavaia,I. 1995 Vestn.Khir.Im.11
Grek.154,46-8 A Russian study using Kanamycin to treat human mastitis.
Tsubokawa,T. and Saito,H. 1994 Nippon Jibinkoka Gakkai Kaiho 97,2266-78
A Japanese study using Kanamycin in aerosol therapy for upper and lower
airway disease.
	The advocates of genetic engineering also neglected the well known
cross resistance between antibiotics of a particular type. A mutation to
resistance to an antibiotic may cause resistance to some or all of the
members of the antibiotic family. The following reference deals with
cross resistance to Kanamycin:
Onaolapo,J. 1994 Afr.J.MedMedSci 23,215-9 Kanamycin  is a member of the
family aminoglycoside antibiotics.  Cross resistance between Kanamycin
and other aminoglycosides including streptomycin,gentamycin and
tobramycin was studied.The isolates varied markedly in their patterns of
cross resistance. All of the antibiotics mentioned are used to treat
human diseases.
	In conclusion, the proponents of crop genetic engineering pretend to be
unquestionable authorities and they are severe with the opponents of
genetic engineering.
							Joe Cummins