GENTECH archive 8.96-97


Re: L-tryptophan

Jaan Suurkula writes:

 > As pointed out in the excerpt below of Fagans article, the same production 
 > methods including the use of activated charcoal has been used with natural 
 > bacteria by other producers without ever producing any toxic compound. So 
 > why should the passive charcoal filtering in this case only mysteriously 
 > turn into a biochemically active process?

Another point: 
The whole biotech industry is probably very
lucky about the disappearance of the bacteria strains.
To demand the investigation of this incidence will surely evoke
accusations of emotionalism. To direct the attention towards unlikely 
causes will ensure you with the appreciation of the biotech industry.
 > >A definitive answer to this question cannot be obtained, because it is
 > >impossible to reproduce the production process that Showa Denko used. This
 > >is because Showa Denko claims to have destroyed all samples of the
 > >genetically engineered bacteria and thus samples of this bacterium are not
 > >available for in-depth study.

Control over the world food system ... implies control over technology
and ideology, scholarship and culture as well. Such areas are not
peripheral to the horrors of hunger (Susan George)