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Top Clinton aides join biotech industry

"Government Workers Go Biotech"
                                  by Beth Burrows,
                                     Edmonds Institute

The Edmonds Institute, a public interest, non-profit group in Edmonds,
Washington, confirmed today that Mr. Mickey Kantor, former United States
Trade Representative and, until January 21 of last year, the Secretary of
Commerce for the United States, has been made a member of the board of
directors of Monsanto Corporation, a leading transnational biotechnology

The appointment was confirmed by a staff member of Mr. Kantor's Washington,
DC law firm.

Mr. Kantor joins others in the US who recently changed job assignments from
service in government to positions in the biotechnology industry.  Marcia
Hale, earlier this month, moved from assistant to the President of the
United States for intergovernmental affairs to senior official with
Monsanto to coordinate public affairs and corporate strategy in the United
Kingdom and Ireland. Also putting on the industry hat this month was L. Val
Giddings. Less than two weeks ago, Giddings' went from being a
biotechnology regulator at the United States Department of Agriculture
(USDA/APHIS) to being the vice president for food and agriculture at the
Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO).  Giddings, who had been a member
of the U.S.  delegation at the first meeting of the Open Ended Ad Hoc
Working Group on a Biosafety Protocol, attended last week's second meeting
on the protocol as the representative of BIO.

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