GENTECH archive 8.96-97


Safeway symposium synopsis (round two)

 Breaking bread with Monsanto.

Here I am at the table and I go to break my roll of bread when I realise
it's white. It's modified, I left the bread alone.

I challenged Monsanto that they couldn't convince me of sustainability that
third world countries  are becoming chemical free(Egypt having declared
four of it's eleven regions so) Imagine sacks of African aid "From the
people of the African Nations to the starving nations of the Northern
Wasteland......Not for resale!

Well Lisa slipped away to the telephone......

Back to the action......What a day !

Round Two......

Nick Tomlinson of MAFF what a job, some of these people can't sleep much at
night. The regulatory bodies approvals needed for releases etc.UK having
the first system in place for regulation, great forsite from someone hey!

I asked why Australia was implementing the toughest laws in the world
against GMO's and if he thought that that countries government were being
Proactive in their reponse and that our own were being reactive.The law
being years behind the technology......They are only considering it though
aren't they? Was his reply.

Next.....Tony Combes..Safeway

Taking the Lead...was his introduction

He talked about Safeway's market share, how they had been(with Sainsbury's)
instrumental in implementing Zeneca's Tomatoe Paste to raptuous acclaim.
How that they saw themselves as future direct competition to their rivals
and that to ignore this would be suicide.

I asked a question....Hello Mr Combes I saw you on the TV a while ago. You
were on the BBC appearing with Dr Patrick Dixon where you accused him of
irresponsibility,...."I did  he was scare mongering" ....."Are you an
Academic Mr Combes"....."No".........Do you not heed the worries of a
concerned Academic?......Because I do...Uproar!....

Accusations of Luditism from Mr Ralph Blachfield....(may I quote Peter Liggotti
"he's loves G/E foods he talks about them all day ....thanks for the
preconceptions.Hardly so sir I said the Internet has been a major source of
contact about this whole affair, he loves the internet and said they should
all join in. At that point I invited Monsanto to join us on Gentech and I
got a great laugh going.

I then said to Mr Combes that OK the boat has come in but that the right in
a democracy to choose must be paramount.All agreed then Mr Combes turned to
the Monsanto rep and said I agree please do not tie our hands segregation
or labels, we have to have something, you cannot in all your wisdom think
that the consumer is going to accept this without any reduction in costs,
that there has to be something in it for everyone, consumer exceptence is

Afternoon Tea......She's spending a lot of time on that phone.......

I spoke to a representative of the Science Museum learning that there is to
be an exhibition of Bio-tech Brill at the museum this year ...Watch ou
tfolks...All the Educational Depts are being spoken to...get em
young....thats were you get em. In the schools just like the Meat Marketing

Next was Lorraine Rossiter,Istitute of Grocery/Distribution she was very
informed, she warned against complacency, siting BSE as evoking fears,
fundemental fears that have not died down,she said that people no longer
regulatory bodies and that now they trusted NGO's more (Non governmental
Oraganisations). A massive campaign toward acceptance would be needed.

Mr Blanchfield had said earlier that emotional uninformed types had begun
to challenge them at there installations and something had to be done.

This was historical. I then threatened the consumer backlash that could
destroy them if they didn't end their arrogance and that ALL the NGO'S
together were gathering forces and that non of our fears were being
addressed. Parents, Consumers, Academics, Enviromentalists, Food Companies,
Trade Associations how can this continue?.....You are not talking to the
NGO's...Monsanto....Oh yes we are...Not as far as I knew you
arn;t....(Although back at Rancho G'P who knows what the Super Heroes are
cooking is)

I put it to them....You are reponsible for the hole that we are in, you
have dug it.Where do we go from here? The stuff has been forced on us, we
are all being exposed to viral and bacterial genes that have never been
consumed anywhere longterm by human beings before, you are arrogant and
irresponsible......bla  bla bla..

Next the Finale!