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Re: The stable door.

The horse has gone. All this argument about which side of the stable
door the bolt should be on and what kind of bolt to use is no use. If
you must bolt the door just put it on the easiest side and let's get
after the horse. wrote:
> Labelling of "non-GMOs" is the absolute minimum of everything
> we would like to achieve. We do not need a dedicated campaign for this.
[and that it would cost more]

No matter what kind of labelling we have, non gmo will cost more anyway.
For example with soya the industry has already said the segregated stuff
will be 3p per kilo more. This _would_ need a dedicated campaign to get
manufacturers etc to have the confidence to do it, knowing that it would
be well publicised.

> As Brian Tokar wrote, healthy and natural becomes the exception,
> drowned in herbicides the normal. One cannot accept this.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people already do accept this.

> And I was very surprised that this idea to change campaign
> came from Andy who told us before:
> "Why Labeling of Genetically Modified Organisms is Pointless"

This is a form of labelling I would not feel I was lying if I tried to
promote it. It involes no legitamisation of gmo's. The same arguments
against labelling "gm free" apply to labelling those that are not. It is
interesting to see them appear in this debate, used against me. I
thought that might happen...

> If you want the label "GMO-free" then it must appear in front of
> the shop or a whole market chain must be able to guarantee
> "We do not sell "Gene-foods". That makes indeed a lot of sense
> and is practised already very successfully in Austria.
Great, let's do it!

> To allow sellers to do so, GMOs must be labeled from the very
> beginning, so that they are able to avoid it.

Absolutely, whatever labelling is used, segregation will be needed
higher up the chain. 

> How will the majority of suppliers guarantee "free of GMOs"
> when RRS and Ciba-maize is already mixed with non-GMOs
> during the harvest?

They won't.
How will the majority of suppliers avoid having to put labels on if we
get labelling? Either way it will be a waste of time; at least negative
labelling will be a lot easier. After a couple of years it will all be
academic anyway (maybe it is already, but there's no point in thinking
about that). At least we can do this now and get on with the real
business of stopping them and destroying all the ones that have already
been released.

> Regards, Eckart
Likewise, Andy.

>>Campaign for labelling of non-GMO-Food ...? What a complete nonsense!
You sound like me!
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