GENTECH archive 8.96-97


a possible solution to the labelling problem

Is it possible to change tactics and campaign for labelling of _non_ gmo
Since our leaders have shown beyond doubt that they are incapable of
anything effective on our behalf, perhaps it would be a good idea to
bypass them
completely and ask the manufacturers to label their products with some
kind of
symbol and the words "does not contain genetically manipulated
organisms" or
something like that. I have already seen some such labels.

This does not require any new regulations, so our useless regulators
don't need
to be involved. Our campaigns could make it sucessful, widespread
would be easy to achieve. There would be no more need to compromise our
aims to
account for public ignorance and dislike of anything sounding autocratic

I think this is worth thinking about, it isn't a finished idea for
'presentation', but needs discussion. It is a possible way to overcome
contradictions in the labelling idea. We could redirect our energy into
areas where it could achieve something. It would also piss off the
pompous old gits in the regulatory and government circles, who would
have their power taken away from them. Serve them right for abusing it.
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