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Hot GE worms follow the insect in US

Some info I stumbled across the other day for anyone who is 

The Florida release of the first genetically engineered 
arthropod (a mite), as mentioned in another message to this 
list, was funded or part-funded by the USDA in 1996 using 
$50,000 of government money for research into risk assessment.  
The same funding program last year also appears to have 
contributed to the testing (without release) of "the world's 
first transgenic insect parasite", a GE heat tolerant nematode 
worm.   Also funded was research using extracts of the human HIV 
I virus into the cowpea mosaic virus.

Details about the programs funded by the Biotechnology Risk
Assessment Research Grants Program can be found on the Web at:

If you are interested getting funds to build your own 
GE insects (and test their safety), you find application 
details at: 
where  it says:

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The purpose of the Program is to
assist Federal regulatory agencies in making science-based
decisions about the safety of introducing into the environment
genetically modified organisms, including plants, microorganisms,
fungi, bacteria, viruses, arthropods, fish, birds, mammals and
other animals. The Program accomplishes this purpose by providing
scientific information derived from the risk assessment research
that it funds. Research proposals submitted to the Program must
be applicable to the purpose of the Program to be considered.

Heat resistant nematode:

9601401 Risk Assessment of Transgenic Entomopathogenic Nematodes
Biological Control
Gaugler, R.; Hashmi, G.; Hashmi, S. 
Grant 96-33522-3684; $145,728; 2 Years
Rutgers University; Department of Entomology; New Brunswick, NJ

Peter Morris, GE Campaigner, Greenpeace Int, Amsterdam
voice: +31 20 5249529   email: