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Maharishi Global Trading
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6063 AC Vlodrop
The Netherlands
Tel: +31-475-404032
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Offer to Supply Non-Genetically Engineered US Soybeans & Maize

To meet the rising concern throughout the world over the unknown effects of
genetically engineered grain, Maharishi Global Trading has secured several
sources of "Transgenic-Free" soybeans and maize from the USA.  We can provide
full shiploads (or smaller quantities) which have been specially selected and
then sampled and genetically tested by an independent laboratory.  These
products are "conventional" rather than "organic"that is, they are grown using
standard fertilizers and pesticides.  
We start by finding those farmers who use seed stock that is not genetically
engineered.  Secondly, we work with the grain elevators, who have agreed to keep
these transgenic-free crops segregated from others.  These two steps alone give
us very high confidence of the quality of our product.  

Lastly, we use a company in Iowa that has developed a testing procedure which
can identify genetically engineered varieties of grain.  The laboratory
detection limit is 1 in 10,000.  Samples are taken from each truck load (1,000
bushels), and tested at the rate of one laboratory analysis for each 15,000

Certificates will be provided to buyers from three sources:
	1. the companies that have organized the farm collections
	2. the grain elevators
	3. assay report from the genetic testing laboratory.

To cover the cost of screening the grain there is a modest premium over the
general USA market price, but these products are much cheaper than "organic" or
"biologic" products.  Please call for details and specific pricing.

Maharishi Global Trading is a general trading company with offices and
representatives around the world.  We can supply all types of agricultural
products, including quality rice from Asia, feed grains from India, specialty
food-grade soybeans from the Americas, milk products from the EU and Eastern
Europe, and certified organic products from around the world.  MGT is a
SKAL-certified organic importer. 

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