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EU Commissioner wants GE separation.

 The EU Agriculture Commissioner Franz Fischler has publicly
expressed his opinion that GMO crops should be separated at
source and products containing GMOs should be labelled.   He
did so when he became the first commissioner to launch his own
web page last week ... the following text comes from a page of
opinions at

under the title  "Genetically modified or not? The answer is the
consumer's choice".  

Two weeks ago the EC agreed to introduce extra labelling 
requirements for viable organisms like GE seeds or fish (which 
are regulated under 90/220).   Soon Fischler is to propose 
amendment to the animal feed legislation.    But Mr 
Fischler says we must go much further:

Extract follows:

"From my point of view, labelling should therefore apply both to
genetically modified organisms themselves (e:g: maize as a seed
or grain) and to products produced therefrom (e.g. maize starch,
gluten, bran) regardless of whether they are different or not
from traditional products. As a consequence, the whole production
chain has to be separated into GMO and Non-GMO lines all along
the production/distribution chain, both food as well as seed and
feedingstuff. This means that products without GMO could be
,positively-labelled".The use of GMO in the field of organic
farming and processing should be generally forbidden to ensure
the consumers trust in the so-called ,bio-products". 


Peter Morris, GE Campaigner, Greenpeace Int, Amsterdam
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