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UK Farmers Union Policy on Gene-Crops

LONDON, April 21 (Reuter) - The National Farmers Union (NFU) 

of England and Wales has launched a code of practice on the handling of
genetically modified crops. 

It encourages farmers and growers to play their part in ensuring consumers
are given precise information about genetically modified crops, the NFU said
in a statement. 

"Accurate labelling of crops and food products produced using genetically
modified organisms (GMOs) is essential if consumers are to be able to make an
informed choice," the statement quotes NFU president David Naish as saying. 

"This is part of the wider message of farm assurance," Naish said. "Customers
need to have confidence in the way their food is produced," he said. 

The NFU code also calls on companies supplying genetically modified crops to
give additional advice and information to farmers. GMO seed should also be
clearly and simply identified as such, the NFU said. 

There is a separate industry-wide code, drawn up by the British Society of
Plant Breeders and the United Kingdom Agricultural Supply Trade Association,
in conjunction with the NFU, the NFU said. 

06:48 04-21-97