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Radio Interview: Aspartame studies were replicated in South America

Dear Jay:  Thank you for the opportunity this A.M. to warn more consumers
on the hazards of aspartame (NutraSweet/Equal/Spoonful, etc.).

On the Thursday show you recall a translator admitted that Searle, the
original manufacturer of NutraSweet, did replicate the studies in South
America (we believe in Mexico and Argentina).  When she translated them
she was horrified of the serious problems they showed including again the
astrocytomas, a rare brain tumor. (like on the original studies that
approved aspartame) This is the first stage of the glioblastoma, now
rampant in our population, and Dr. John Olney made world news about this
fact some months ago. Dr. Roberts peer reviewed report on aspartame and
brain tumors is on web, address below signature.  We have set up a brain
tumor registry.

For those wanting a copy of the Thursday show with the translator's
admission (or today's show) it can be gotten by calling 1-800-Chemist or
emailing Jay Foster at  Evidently, Dr. Ortega who did
the study was fired according to the translator and we hope someone in
Mexico and Argentina will try to find this researcher for us and get more

Monsanto bought Searle in l985.  For more information on aspartame check
out the web pages below.  For publications or books on the subject you can
call Sun Sentinel Press at  1 800 -814-9800 (Dr. H. J. Roberts
books and tapes) and 1 800 -643-2665 (Dr. Russell Blaylock's book
EXCITOTOXINS; THE TASTE THAT KILLS).  He is a neurosurgeon and aspartame
destroys the central nervous system.  

Thank you again, Jay, and I'm putting this in a newsgroup and on a couple
of lists for those interested in the tape with the admission.

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