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The significance of Jennifer's report: From Dr. Roberts

Dear Bob:

Dr. Roberts tried to send you an email and he had computer problems so he
sent me a fax.  

Here is his note to you:

Subject:  Jennifer Cohen - New Roberts Gold Star Champion

Please convey my congratulations and best wishes to Jennifer!!  I have
been having trouble with my modem the past week, but finally had the
problem solved today and received scores of messages, including Jennifer's
report.  How proud you must be - and what a role model!!!

Tell Jennifer that the findings in "parts per billion" are very
significant.  In fact, even if there are amounts in parts per trillion, as
in the case of certain pesticides, each cell in the body may contain
several molecules.

What are you going to do now that you have a world class baby sitter?
Best wishes, Dr. Roberts

Dr. Roberts also mentioned to me that Senator Metzenbaum is now heading
some citizen lobby group in D.C. but he doesn't know its name.  I must
find him.  

I truly understand what Dr. Roberts says since as you know Don ended up in
the hospital from the herbicide, and it made everyone in the family sick.
Supposedly, that was suppose to be a safe one!  I don't believe one
exists!  And I think that was what was wrong with me last night as I was
ill. Don's mother is still ill.  

I'm putting this on the list so others will know Jennifer's
accomplishment, and the enlightennment she has given the world.  Maybe we
should have a Junior Mission Possible operation.  Some of the kids are
showing up the grownups.  We have some little ones who really give it to
adults who use this toxin. Out of the mouths of babes whose innocence
only looks for truth.  What a sad commentary on the greed of drug
companies who put money before health and safety.

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