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US govt pressure on Bt Maize rejection in Europe - nice quote

When the GP Austria had a meeting with the US 
Embassy in Vienna the other day, they were reassured that the US 
govt or USDA was not threatening World Trade Organisation 
or other legal action as a rsult of Austria's ban on the  
import of Bt maize (corn).    Similarly, the European Commission 
has been trying to minimise any suggestion that US pressure is 
being applied.   Compare this with the following from  
European Report no 2215 April 12 1997 p 15.  I particularly like 
the bit about GE crops being more attractive; they don't seem to 
be attracting many Europeans.

....Washington is concerned about the restrictions, in the 
guise of health standards, on imports of farm products, 
including products containing GMOs, imposed by some Memeber 
States "We have succeeded in developing more attractive  
agricultural raw materials by the use of genetic engineering" 
said Jeffrey Lang, the US deputy Trade Representative.  He noted 
that although these products have been approved by European 
authorities, they are still restricted by some Member States.  
Mr Lang, commenting that Europe must explain its 
actions, indicated that this issue would be on the agenda for 
discussions within the framework of the WTO scheduled to resume 

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