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Radio Interview, Miami- Aspartame

Dear Jay:

As I write you, I'm putting this on the Mission Possible list.  I assume
you sell your tapes and you can tell me how those interested can get a

This was wonderful, and I want to tell  the list, that someone
called in who said she was a translator, and when studies were done in
South America she did the translation.  When she saw the problems that
aspartame causes that I mentioned on the show and the brain tumors,
astrocytomas (which it caused in the original studies), she thought they
would take aspartame off the market.  She was shocked that they didn't,
and lost faith in industry and our government.  She is suppose to call me
and I hope to get more information.  They fired the doctor, a Dr. Ortega,
and we'll see if we can find him.  I happened to mention that a journalist
in Argentina had gotten in touch with us, and that we had a Mission
Possible Mexico.  She said "yes, Mexico and Argentina"  So evidently, this
is where some of the studies were done.  We'll have to find out.

Jay, please send me a copy of the tape right away and I'll send a copy to
Mission Possible Mexico and the journalist in Argentina.  Maybe this will
help them generate publicity in these countries.

Also, one man told about someone in his family who died of a brain tumor
who was a heavy user of aspartame, and someone called in who lost her son,
a diabetic, and from her comments, no doubt another NutraSweet victim.

Also, Jay, you said you had recommendations for detoxification.  And if
you send me some information and how people get in touch with you I'm sure
Dave will put it on his web page.  He'll probably have to makeup a
"detoxification to aspartame" page. 

I'm also putting this on the gene list so when you send me information I
can advise them also how to get the tape, especially since the
phenylalanine in aspartame is genetically engineered.

And I'll be back on this radio station on Sunday, 8:00 A.M., 790 out of

I have a feeling we're going to have a lot of Mission Possible activists
in Miami and wherever this radio program was heard, as we send the
listeners who send in self-addressed envelopes with 5 stamps, a packet of
information, and this will include Jennifer's study, and the demand for

Thank you again, Jay, for the opportunity to get life saving information
to so many.  And I'm so glad so many heard how Monsanto funds the
dietitians, and the false information they give out. I also hope a lot of
pilots heard this newscast and will contact us. 

Incidently, I did a radio show with Dr. Roberts over a year ago in Atlanta
and I noticed when I was shopping in an organic food market the tapes were
on sale.  Radio interviews really get vital information to thousands and
thousands, and a lot of people may live because of it! Incidently, do you
by any chance have a transcript or can one be made.  We can have Mission
Possible Mexico, Manuel, translate it, and I'm sure our physician in Peru
will do the same thing. 

One thing is for sure, if we could get these original studies replicated,
by the National Institute of Health as Senator Metzenbaum wanted, we could
get it off the market.  Dr. Roberts wrote a novel that is not published
that is really about how the world would be if NutraSweet was not gotten
off the market.  When it goes into aviation, a pilot gets confused on
aspartame and ends up in Iran.  And to put it another way, can you imagine
if aspartame was taken off the market tomorrow how many hundreds of
thousands of people around the world would wake up well!  This happened
when this organic grocery store put out a brochure on aspartame titled
Killer Kola.  It was given out free to thousands and thousands of people
who immediately got off NutraSweet.  The owner called a couple of months
later and said: "You won't believe!"  I said: "I already know, people are
actually coming to my door, who have gotten off aspartame and been ill for
years and all of a sudden woken up well."  Wendy said: "Yes, they are
calling and coming to the store with stories like "no doctor could
associate my symptoms, I'm off of aspartame, and all my symptoms and
medical problems have disappeared."  I hope Dr.  Roberts gets this novel
published and if anyone on the list knows a publisher interested please
let them get in touch. 


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