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Fwd: Austrian petition on genetic engineering

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From: (GLOBAL 2000)
Date: 97-04-15 09:07:37 EDT


Ttl.:	Overwhelming success of the Austrian Referendum against genetic
engineering in food and agriculture

Uttl.:	GLOBAL 2000 environmental action in front of the ,Karlskirche"
in Vienna, ,Patents on life? 1 million Austrians say NO!"

Vienna. 15th of April 1997

1.226.551 million Austrians signed the petition against genetic
engineering in food and agriculture which took place from April 7th -
14th reports the Austrian Environmental Organisation GLOBAL 2000
today. ,This is a strong signal to the Austrian government to take
action. The population clearly opposes genetic engineering in food and
agriculture." says Brigid Weinzinger, spokesperson for GLOBAL 2000,
,The third part of the petition - "No Patents on Life" - is also a
clear mandate to Austrian Members at the European Parliament , which
is currently hotly debating the issue whether patents should in the
future be granted on plants, animals and parts of the human body." To
underline the petition's clear statement against such proposals,
GLOBAL 2000 activists put up a banner in front of the ,Karlskirche" a
well known cathedral in the city of Vienna which stated ,Patents on
life? 1 million Austrians say NO!". The main demands of the referendum
which has been initiated by the Animal Rights group ,Vier Pfoten", the
ARGE Schöpfungsverantwortung a Catholic group, the farmers group
,Österreichische Bergbauernvereinigung" and ÖKOBÜRO - a platform of
major Austrian Environmental Organisations are:

- No genetically manipulated organisms in food !
- No deliberated releases of genetically manipulated organisms in
Austria ! - No patents on life !

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