GENTECH archive 8.96-97


Suggested list of bookmarks on G/E


laws in USA      Help to avert the
dangers of G/E      Combined Web Pages (SWEDISH)
Greenpeeace.NLP Pure Food Campaign . THIS IS AN EXCELLENT SOURCE OF INFO       GLOBAL 2000  German
language, only but worth getting a translator for.     You can set Newspage to search the
whole of the internet for you, so you have a newspaper e-mail delivered
everyday without having to search ,only catch is $5 dollars a month  mine
is set with six choices 1 Biotech Agriculture.2 Bio-tech Companies.  3.
Enviromental Regulations 4.Animal testing 5 Bio-Tech Medicine etc.
EXCELLENT SOURCE OF INFO   Greenpeace Homepage     As you would expect.     Greenpece Bio Tech
Information and Campaign Highlights       Library of Congress   Very useful tool when
needed all American Law and Constitution Reform is available here.      Yahoo one of the best Internet Search Engines        Reuters Health Information.   It has a
good Search Engine that specialises in Health issues worldwide.     Swedish anti-biotech info
service this article covering Bio-Diversity     Supreme Court Index.
Another excellent tool for information when needed         Another
good source of info from G.P on NEWS G/E           CNN
article about the 300,000 Vietnamese children Chemical War Victims from the
Vietnam War. Monsanto as one of the makers of Agent Orange(Dioxin) have not
paid out compensation owing to the Constitutional Protection they received
from the US Government. I myself accessed this article when the picture of
the vietnamese child Thoa was included(I HAVE COPIES) IT HAS BEEN REMOVED.
WHY?       Good
article about Intellectual Property Rights.        Reuters News Service
has good Search engine to browse for up to date news.       From those Loveable Folks At Monsanto
Homepage.  Gives a bit of an insite into their sordid world.       Interesting Triple selection of
Web pages from G.P and on the opposing sides Monsanto and Soya Growers.             Sustainable Agriculture.       Converse with
an expert on soya politics          Combined pages for growers
and exporters of Soya .(US)
Vegetarian Society on Gen/Eng     Earth First
(Devon)Good articles on G/E
Earth First again with an excellent article about the cauliflower mosaic
virus.           CNN Searcher.    Good source
of material available on health, enviroment politics etc worldwide.      Transgenic
animals available for research      To order
your transgenic animals for research purposes etc heres the place.   Earth First
Toxic Mutants etc.       Pure Food Campaign Homepage
Excellent  campaign from Jeremy Rifkin and compadre's, old adversaries of
Genetic Engineering.         Another US News Service but
priceless to guage things US       Natural Law Party.
Well presented auguments on all issues pertaining to the struggle. John
Fagan one of the leading speakers on thingc GMO      ACRE Information releases.         Euro/British Legislation     Codex.
Very important issues decided by this commitee appointed by GATT AND WTO
to overseer the introduction of G/E foods      Department of the Enviroment    Our very
own Eco Warrior Force.     Mothers for Natural Law
Succesful group of concerned mothers instrumental in many campaign
endevers.    Enviromental Protection Agency...   The place to
check on Legislation and press releases in US of EPA     Part of Unido     Last but by no means least RTS!