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                       ISB News Report  - April 1997
                   Information Systems for Biotechnology

- EPA Issues New Notification and Screening Requirements for
  Microbial Biotech Products
- What's in the Pipeline?
- Litigating Bt Patents for Market Share
- Vaccine Produced in Plants Shown to Protect Animals
- Plant Gene Transfer Comes of Age
- Summaries of Risk Assessment Research Now Online
- Key Agbiotech Stocks Climb. So Does Number of Litigations
- Patent Office Raises Specter of Patents Claiming Expressed
  Sequence Tags
- Upcoming Meetings

IN THIS ISSUE : - Patents Directive proposal delayed by
parliamentary amendments, - Parliament votes on deregulation of
Directive 90/219/EEC, - Monsanto : meeting with the CEO, -
Monsanto : Bt potatoes go east, - Monsanto : field trials of
genetically modified beet, - U.K. authorizes four further
varieties of genetically modified maize, - Who trusts the British
government?  - genetically engineered oysters.