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Chinese Scientists Transplant Fish Genes into Beet

04/05 0338

Chinese Scientists Transplant Fish Genes into Beet

HUHHOT (April 5) XINHUA - Chinese scientists have succeeded in
transplanting fish genes into beets. The transgenic beet
seedlings can survive temperatures of six to 6.5  degrees below
zero, 2.5 times that of non-transgenic beet.The sowing  period
of the beet can come ten to 15 days earlier and its harvesting
period can be extended by ten to 15 days.

The gene came from the anti-frost protein gene of an Arctic fish
imported to Mongolia from Germany in 1992. Li Tianran, a
professor of the Biology Department, and Zhang Jianfeng, a
graduate student under Li, were put in charge of the research.

"It is the first time in the world that animal gene was
transplanted into the beet," Tian Bo, an academician of the
Chinese Academy of  Sciences, said.

"It is of great significance for the
anti-frost  research for other crops," he said.