GENTECH archive 8.96-97


campaign against GE in Belgium - translations

All of you French-speaking friends,

Those of you interested in getting some documentation in French for
consumers on bio-engineered foods, please have a look in the GENTECH
archive. You will find there a copy of my "paper campaign": I recently sent
this file to a few dozens of my friends for them to copy it too and send it
in turn to their own contacts, hoping lots of readers will have thus access
to some counter-information. In the media - paper or tv - we only hear of
the wonderful achievements of this new technology, of course. 

There are 4 documents in French in this archive - they
could be retrieved with the command(s) "archive get docu/genet1.txt"
or "archive get docu/genet*". The last command will retrieve all files
in the docu directory which start with "genet".:

1. GENET1.TXT: " Les aliments transgeniques: panacee ou boite de Pandore? "
, ou l'article d'un bio-geneticien anglais Michael Antoniou, exposant les
enjeux scientifiques et agricoles, disponible en anglais sur GENTECH
2. GENET2.TXT: " Soja manipule -  Unilever repond: " Tais-toi et mange " ,
soit un petit billet d'humeur, repondant a l'argumentation d'Unilever dans
un de leurs derniers courriers sur le soja manipule
3. GENET3.TXT et GENET4.TXT " Pouvons-nous echapper aux aliments
transgeniques? ", un article de profane introduisant le manifeste des
Journees Globales d'Action  (nr 4)

The paper version of the campaign also included a brochure by the Green
Party and postcards with names of producers or retailers to be signed and
sent individually.

Have fun reading, hoping you get lots of ideas from it,

PS: After a week now it works quite well, people are photocopying mainly
the postcards and sending them in a "snowball" fashion. I am not a
professional consumer activist,  I am doing this on my own after hours,
sorry if I made mistakes

Taty Lauwers