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Re: the Popes and the Rabbi (OFF-TOPIC)

	You don't have to be Italian to be anti-Catholic, and you don't 
even have to be non-Catholic.  I think you were just taking the usual 
cheap potshots, and I'm sure most of your distinguished lineage would agree.


Joe Shea
The American Reporter

On Mon, 7 Apr 1997, egidio reale wrote:

> >You comments were perhaps unwittingly anti-Catholic, which is as ugly as
> >>anti-Semitic.                             (Joe Shea <>)
> Sir,
>         you have obviously not read my last posting, nor have you read
> carefully my original one.
>         Not only, as I was saying, am I a Catholic, but we have  had
> several major popes on my mother's side, the most prominent of which in the
> XII c. and the last in the XVIII c. (the only non-nepotistic one in
> centuries, by the way).
>         This notwithstanding, I think I am entitled to voice my opinions on
> the current pope, and I am not alone.
>          There is a big difference between intolerance and racism, and
> criticism.
>         As for antisemitism, my mother, against his family's will, would
> have married the son of the Rabbi of Rome, and went to London as she turned
> 21 in order to convert to Judaism (she did not marry him in the end, but
> only because he had not been faithful to her, or perhaps his family did win
> in the end).
>         It would be high time that people learnt the virtues, at times, of
> rational and possibly constructive criticism, not to mention historical
> accuracy, as well as reading more carefully.
>         Ecumenically yours,
>                               Egidio Reale
> PS  Anticlerical, I might grant you.
>     I am not dwelling on her Islamic parenthesis, and she did end up
> marrying an atheist Catholic, in case you worried.
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