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Benadryl Chewable for Allergy has Aspartame: Beware (fwd)

Dave:  I'm sending this to you to put in the pharmacy newsgroup as an
example of letters going out to any pharmaceutical company putting
aspartame in their products.  If you have Dr. Gross' letters already on
web they will be able to see the attachments on your web page.  This is
being sent to the FDA with demand for recall on the basis that even one of
their pivotal studies showed primates developing grand mal seizures from
aspartame said to be caused by the high serum phenylalanine levels.


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Parke-Davis, Div of
Warner Wellcome
Consumer HealthCare
Morris Plains, New Jersey 07950

                                      Re:  Aspartame in Benadryl


Aspartame has been found to be in your Benadryl Chewable for Allergies
and this is a demand for it to be removed immediately.  

It is no wonder that physicians and pharmacists are outraged when
aspartame is put in pharmaceuticals because many times aspartame causes
the very problems the drug is suppose to treat.  This is the case with
aspartame and allergies.  Attached the letter in Archives of Internal
Medicine by H. J. Roberts, M.D., world expert on aspartame. It is titled
mentions as some of the reactions caused by aspartame "severe edema of the
lips, tongue and throat, urticaria; other skin eruptions; extensive
itching; the aggravation of respiratory allergies; and even swelling of
the salivary glands.". 

Also enclosed is the FDA report of 92 documented symptoms from seizures
and blindness to coma and death.  Among the allergic reactions listed are
rash, itching, change in sensation (numbness, tingling), local swelling,
skin problems, eye irritation, changes in skin and nail coloration, sinus
problems, eczema and conjunctivitis.  From the case histories flowing in
everyday aspartame is notorious at triggering hives.  

You may not know  aspartame is a poison and you have 30 days in that
case to withdraw it before being listed with the Boycott Quartery and
added to the web of products containing aspartame to be avoided.

This is not a matter for discussion.  We do not wish to receive a packet
of Monsanto's propaganda about the most tested additive in history and how
s the tests proved safety.  Thats what it is, propaganda.  Enclosed is
impecable evidence that is not the case.  

Notice a FDA memorandum written by the late FDA toxicologist, Dr. Adrian
Gross who says about the original studies:

    "The report of the Task force submitted in March l976 in essence
    constituted a stinging indictment of Searle and it contained various
    recommendations for regulatory action including referral to the
    Justice Department for review of possible criminal violations of
    the law."

Searle was the original manufacturer and these studies have never been
replicated.  Monsanto bought Searle in l985.

Also enclosed are two notarized letters from Dr. Gross to Senator
Metzenbaum regarding these original studies that are part of the
Congressional Record.  Nothing is hidden.   He says in the letter dated
11/3/87:  "I noted that in l976, the FDA Commissioner at that time, Dr.
Alexander Schmidt, speaking for the FDA as an agency, publicly stated that
he agreed  with a set of conclusions, the first of which was that the FDA
had no basis for reliance on the quality of studies generated by or for
that firm."

On January 10, l977 in a 33 page letter, FDA Chief Counsel Richard Merrill
recommended to U.S. Attorney Sam Skinner that a grand jury investigate
Searle for "apparent violations of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act
21 U.S.C. 355 (i) and for concealing material facts and making false
statements in reports of animal studies conducted to establish the safety
of aspartame.

Why was Searle not indicted?  Because U.S. Attorney Sam Skinner as well as
the U. S. Attorney that came after him, Conlon, went to work for Searle's
law firm defending the case and let slip the hounds of disease and death
on an unwarned, unprotected public.

When President Reagan took office he fired the FDA Commissioner who would
not approve aspartame and appointed Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes.  There was so
much opposition to the approval of this deadly poison, aspartame that a
Board of Inquiry was set up.  It was their decision not to approve
aspartame and Dr. Hayes over-ruled the Board of Inquiry and approved it
anyway.  Then he went to work for Searle's PR firm and has refused for
over 10 years to speak to the press.  On 60 Minutes last December he again
refused to comment.  It was brought out that only these studies, funded by
Searle approved aspartame and said it was safe.  Of 90 independent
studies that were unbiased and not funded by the manufacturer 83 showed
problems with aspartame.

Today because of the poisons of drug and chemical companies Multiple
Chemical Sensitivities  has become a disease, and have destroyed people's
lives.  In the case of aspartame it destroys the central nervous system,
the brain and the optic nerve and ravages every organ in the body.  It
precipitates diabetes.  It triggers an irregular heart rhythm and
physicians not realizing the culprit is aspartame or the fact that it is a
drug with biologic effects, medicate these patients and it interacts with
NutraSweet.  One pilot just died from this problem.

Aspartame is a molecule composed of three components:  aspartic acid,
phenylalanine and methanol.  The wood alcohol, a severe metabolic poison,
converts to formaldehyde and then formic acid (ant sting poison) and
causes metabolic acidosis.  Aspartic acid and phenylalanine are neurotoxic
because they are isolated from the other amino acids in protein, go past
the blood brain barrier and deteriorate the neurons of the brain.  Memory
loss is one of the most common problems and Dr. H. J. Roberts wrote
DEFENSE AGAINST ALZHEIMERS DISEASE  ( 1 800 -814--9800) where he explains
how aspartame is escalating this disease.  The phenylalanine is
genetically engineered in E. coli bacteria and breaks down to DKP
(diketopiperazine, a brain tumor agent.  Secret trade information
discussed in Congressional Hearings include this statement: ".."we have no
way of estimating maximum likely abuse and hence need to utilize data
based on almost complete conversion to DKP.  If we include this .. we
stand a good chance of ending up with nothing .." Document enclosed.

And so they concealed it.  Rats developed a rare brain tumor,
astrocytomas, the first stage of the deadly glioblastoma.  Today
glioblastomas are rampant in the population and world renowned researcher,
Dr. John Olney (who was responsible for MSG being withdrawn from baby
food) made world news on the brain tumor/aspartame issue.  Brain tumor
cases continue to pour in.  

The methanol even converts to formaldehyde and formic acid in the retina
of the eye.  You will see an article attached in the Chicago Sun times,
Oct 17, l986 where there was an attempt to ban aspartame because people
were going blind.  One lady in the article, Joyce Wilson, who went blind,
died in l990 from NutraSweet.  She was like an Alzheimer victim with no

In l995 at the World Environmental Conference Dr. Clarice Gaylord(EPA) 
made the statement that we have an epidemic of MS and lupus, and she said
they were unable to identify the toxin.  I explained to Dr. Gaylord I was
there to lecture on MS and lupus and to identify the toxin as NutraSweet. 
And that the problem was methanol toxicity from aspartame mimics MS. 

Dr. Wurtman's reports on phenylalanine in aspartame are enclosed and Dr.
Monte's report on methanol in aspartame.  Dr. Roberts peer reviewed
article on aspartame and brain tumors as well as his recent letter in
Lancet are attached.  Other information including the Wall Street
Journal article where the two U.S. prosecutors who did not do their job
were probed you will also see.  

The daily allowable intake which, incidently, was set for rats has been
completely disregarded and aspartame was approved in blanket form in June
by Monsanto's loyal friends, the FDA. 

Dr. Louis Elsas, Pediatric Professor, Genetics, at Emory testified before
congress that NutraSweet is a neurotoxin and teratogen, triggers birth
defects.  Of late we have gotten reports of babies being born without
brains and without eyes and being born dead.  There is no warning.  

Aspartame interacts with drugs including monoamine oxidase inhibitors,
alpha-methyldopa and L-dihydroxphenylalanine.  It can easily kill a
Parkinson patient because it changes the dopamine level of the brain.  The
phenylalanine lowers the seizure threshold of the brain and depletes
serotonin.  You will notice four different types of seizures reported to
the FDA.  Aspartame is particularly deadly to diabetics and Dr. Roberts,
diabetic specialist, says it keeps the blood sugar out of control, causes
them to go into convulsions and destroys the optic nerve.  Notice these
also on the FDA report enclosed.

Monsanto funds the trade organizations and the dietitians are their media
flacks.  Do not send us any of their literature supporting aspartame.
They have already been exposed - see attached including the New York Times

With all the problems of aspartame you can understand the attached article
titled NutraPoison stating that aspartame was listed with the pentagon in
an inventory of prospective biochemical warfare weapons submitted to
congress.    It also makes an excellent rat poison.  It sure killed enough
of them.  On the Bressler Report when the rats died they were resurrected
on paper.  They didn't all die, however, some developed mammary tumors,
ovarian tumors and uterine tumors!  Dr. Adrian Gross testified before
congress that aspartame violated the Delaney Amendment which prohibited
adding additives known to cause cancer. 

Impeccable documents are attached proving aspartame to be nothing but

A copy of this is also going to the Food Chemical News and Allergy
Hotline.  You have 30 days to comply and remove this poison, and at that
time we will rewrite  those getting copies.  Otherwise, Parke Davis will
be listed on web as receiving evidence and not complying.  Every
manufacturer using aspartame in their products will receive a letter such
as this and those who do not comply will be turned over to product
liability attorneys at their request.

There are so many sick and dying on aspartame that Mission Possible
operations have been set up around the world to warn the public.  We are a
volunteer force warning that aspartame is a deadly poison.   

You can reformulate with a product that is safe.  If you don't want to use
sugar you can use Stevia, a food and not an additive, or any number of
products.  Asulf. K is another unsafe product that should not be used.

                            We await your compliance,

                            MISSION POSSIBLE WORLDWIDE

                            Mrs. Betty Martini, Founder
CC:  Food Chemical News
     Allergy Hotline
     Boycott Quartery

Enclosures:  Documented proof aspartame is a poison including
             Congressional Records, FDA Report, Journal Articles
             and case history examples.

 P.S.  Attached is a press release with the demand for the recall of

For more information on aspartame email:
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                          1. Take the 60-day No Aspartame Test and
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5950-H State Bridge Rd.   2. Tell your doctor and all of your friends!
     Suite 215            3. Return Asparcidal food to the store. Anything
 Duluth, GA 30155  USA       with Monsanto's NutraSweet/Equal/Spoonful
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