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the Popes and the Rabbi (OFF-TOPIC)

>You comments were perhaps unwittingly anti-Catholic, which is as ugly as
>>anti-Semitic.                             (Joe Shea <>)

        you have obviously not read my last posting, nor have you read
carefully my original one.
        Not only, as I was saying, am I a Catholic, but we have  had
several major popes on my mother's side, the most prominent of which in the
XII c. and the last in the XVIII c. (the only non-nepotistic one in
centuries, by the way).
        This notwithstanding, I think I am entitled to voice my opinions on
the current pope, and I am not alone.
         There is a big difference between intolerance and racism, and
        As for antisemitism, my mother, against his family's will, would
have married the son of the Rabbi of Rome, and went to London as she turned
21 in order to convert to Judaism (she did not marry him in the end, but
only because he had not been faithful to her, or perhaps his family did win
in the end).
        It would be high time that people learnt the virtues, at times, of
rational and possibly constructive criticism, not to mention historical
accuracy, as well as reading more carefully.
        Ecumenically yours,
                              Egidio Reale

PS  Anticlerical, I might grant you.
    I am not dwelling on her Islamic parenthesis, and she did end up
marrying an atheist Catholic, in case you worried.