GENTECH archive 8.96-97


Re: Is God On Our Side?

Yes, it does appear that God or the Great Spirit is on our side, although
church and spiritual leaders have most often lagged behind rank-and-file
believers or people of faith in expressing their condemnation of this new
technology of genetic engineering, which is not only inappropriate and
dangerous, but--as practiced by "profit-at-any-cost" multinational chemical
and pharmaceutical corporations--is profoundly unethical as well. Over 200
U.S. religious leaders from all denominations signed a "Joint Appeal" against
the patenting of human and animal genes in 1995 and held a highly-publicized
press conference in Washington, D.C. Stimulated by this American effort, a
parallel petition campaign has been initiated in Europe. Similarly many
religious leaders have recently spoken out against human cloning. However,
most religious leaders have been less outspoken against genetically
engineered foods and crops. To change this situation a new coalition has been
organized in the U.S. called the Alliance for Bio-Integrity (supported by the
Pure Food Campaign and many other groups). Those interested can access the
Alliance for Bio-Integrity web site at <>.
Although many, at times justifiably, have wondered aloud whether the present
Pope is on the side of the CIA and the forces of darkness rather than the
angels, His Holiness has spoken out at least against human cloning and the
patenting of human and animal genes. But clearly the task at hand is to begin
to educate and mobilize churchgoers and members of spiritual communities (who
in the U.S. constitute a full one-half of the entire population) against what
all religious and spiritual traditions would define as a blatent violation of
the natural order. Those interested in pursuing this political strategy
should contact Steve Druker at <>