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Re: Is God On Our Side?

>I don't believe in the
>>malediction about the pope by an other list participant...
                          (Jaan Suurkula)

        perhaps I was not clear, there was no intent of any malediction (in
our common acception, not etymologically), I was just reporting some facts,
which many others and in a better position than me describe as well, as
they did take place, unfortunately.  And by the way I am also Catholic by
birth and all the rest.
        Remember some popes from the past?  Not all of them were saintly,
some had children officially (this only means that at times the human
occupying that seat is not quite perfect, nor always sets an example).  Let
us please draw a line between the religious and the purely mundane, however
high up in the clergy.  And from a religious perspective many a devout
Catholic finds our present pope way too backwards.
        Best regards,
                        Egidio Reale