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Merging lists


Bill Christensen writes:
 > Regarding crossposting and multiple lists:
 > The Ban-GEF list was started in October in order to fill a perceived lack of
 > any forum for fighting the spread of genetically engineered foods.  It was only
 > later that we discovered the Gentech list.  

I started gentech in August 1995 to fill a perceived lack on critical
information about genetic engineering including ge-food. At this time
the only publicly accessible lists were some from scientists discussing
technical questions. You can ask Brian Tokar. He was one of the first
subscribers on gentech.  

 > I have donated my time and server space because I agree with the general goals
 > of the list:  to stop the release of genetically engineered organisms into our
 > food supply.   

My aim is to provide a forum (unmoderated as possible) to discuss ways
to prevent the threatening developments of gene technology as ge-food,
eugenics or endangered biodiversity. 

 > I see two possible roads to take:  
 > 	merge the two lists, for the sake of efficiency

No comment at the moment. In any case this question would have to be 
discussed and decided from the audience on gentech. To my knowledge
there is also at least one more list (rts) and I am sure there will be
some more because many groups wants to use this controversial topic to
spread their opinions (I know one consumer advocacy group which told
me to start soon an own list about gef and 1 other group which has
announced a similar list).  

 > 	differentiate the two lists, so that there are clearly defined, complimentary
 > purposes.  

It sounds sensible but I don't agree because the discussion about
ge-food can't easily separated from discussions about deliberate
releases of GMOs, biodiversity and agricultural politics. As long as
Monsantos soya wasn't a hot topic the traffic on gentech was low. In
September last year the anti soya campaign started and in October
also ban-gef was founded. The traffic on gentech rose and I was exited
about this. I don't want to miss these discussions and information on
gentech because they can explain lay persons very simple the dangers of
genetic engineering.

 > I have no qualms about merging the lists.  It makes sense to me to have
 > everyone in one place, to increase communication.   List activity would
 > probably increase a bit, as there are often posts on one list that are NOT
 > crossposted to the other.  If the volume of info is too much, we might consider
 > making one for the Hard Core folks like Peter L. and Judy Kew, and another
 > that's more of a "Ban-GEF Lite", that is more appropriate for general consumers
 > than hardcore activists.  Just a suggestion.  
 > There are now 135 subscribers to Ban-GEF.  I don't know how many are on
 > Gentech.  Or how many of you are on both.  



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