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Re: MCS-CI Oh No, not trout too!!! (fwd)

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Date: Sat, 5 Apr 1997 18:11:19 -0800 (PST)
From: Claire Gilbert <>
Subject: Re: MCS-CI Oh No, not trout too!!!

> The Idaho Fish Research Group is now injecting trout with Posilac (the
> bovine growth hormone).  Robert Cohen told me and it was in a Wisconsin
> newspaper today.  
> What is there going to be left to eat?
> Betty

There isn't much!  I get some organic.  The nice, long cucumber is
in heat-sealed plastic (which penetrates the food).  That's just the

I just go for the least toxic, as best I can.  

I am quoting myself below with respect to fish. This appeared in my
latest issue of Blazing Tattles, in a critique of the zone diet:

"It is even hard to get plain old fish these days.  The fresh products may
have been in holding tanks with formaldehyde or similar chemicals to make
the fish stay fresh longer; or they may be dipped.  The farmed fish are
often not healthy fish -- they need lots of antibiotics because of their
crowded and unnatural living conditions, and there may be a lot of bad
stuff (such as materials from 'downer' cows) in the pellets they are fed.
The popular varieties of canned fish now mostly have additives, often 
disguised by listing 'broth' as an ingredient.  They contain flavor
enhancers. . .

"I still believe in eating as much as possible of locally grown organic
food, in its natural, local season, and getting as wide a variety as
possible to insure maximum chance of getting all nutrients you need.
I don't live up to my own ideals but I think the important thing is to at
least know what they are and to do our best.  That's all we can do!"~

Also, you might take note that some of the farmed fish are now genetically
engineered, meaning in their genes is inserted genetic material of another
species (for example, to make them gain weight faster).  These genetically
engineered foods can trigger allergies, from what I understand.

I do believe that the more we know, the better we will be able to create
the kind of environment which is healthy.

Claire Gilbert
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