GENTECH archive 8.96-97


Re: Is God On Our Side?

>Does anyone know of any pronouncements from major religious leaders
>regarding the GE food debate?
(John Kyle <>)

Some high Islamic religious figures have taken position against genetic
manipulation, and not just confined to humans.
Do not, on the other hand, expect too much from this pope, he is only
interested in the coffers of the Church (replenished by his associate in
crime, cardinal Marcinkus, involved in various major financial scandals -
with some deaths, so he cannot leave the Vatican lest he be arrested), the
spread of the Opus Dei, and political issues (at the moment he is
advocating direct Italian mlitary intervention in Albania, against any
logic, ethics, the will of the local people, and UN considerations).
And perhaps it would be time to separate the two spheres, that of religion
and the civil one.  So I do not see any particular relevance or need for
religious figures speaking out on such issues; probably actors/actresses or
TV personalities would be far more effective in this society.
        Egidio Reale