GENTECH archive 8.96-97


Re: Final comments on crossposting writes:
 > Werner:
 > You are doing fine. Better than that. I much appreciate your work. I get some
 > of these things five times, but it makes little difference. Steve Sprinkel,
 > certified organic farmer, Dripping Springs, Texas

Thanks but I might doing less than you think. GENTECH is an unmoderated list
running on a mailing list server which does the whole work. 

I don't have the time to check for dupes. The subscribers are
responsible for this list themselves. In any case it isn't a good idea
to forward postings to another list without checking whether the
message has still been distributed. I can't understand why members
on several lists with the same issue are forwarding so many messages.

Sometimes it seems to me they are rather sending than reading their

Maybe it's less annoying if you subscribe to the digest list
( With an MIME aware reader you are
able to quicker scan for dupes and delete them.