GENTECH archive 8.96-97


Responding to sdef! (Mr. savage)

Peter  M. Ligotti writes:

 > I am very sorry to have to say this "savage," but
 > you are more likely an industry stooge than anyone we have
 > seen here. Especially since you bring up the idea. That is one
 > of the best clues.

This sounds like the beginning of a flame. It would be useless.
As long savage doesn't put the blame to someone personally without
very good reasons I could respect his position. 

To say every person who demands labelling is a stooge of the biotech
industry is narrow-minded. To expose the tricks and lies to prevent
clear labelling is IMHO a very good example to show other peoples how
multi-nationals are playing with major rights (e. g. free consumer

Nevertheless, to spent the most time and energy in the labelling issue
could be easily misleading.