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Re: Final comments on crossposting

The vast majority of people are subscribed to only one list.
The people who are opposed to crossposting are those who are
subscribed to multiple lists. This I believe is a minority, between
3 - 20% of each list. If this figure is incorrect, I want to know about
it, but I will use this figure in my analysis.

The vast majority, 97% - 80% of each individual list, will be only
subscribed to one list and will not have any such issue known as
crossposting. For them, this issue will be meaningless.
What is a crosspost to people on multiple lists, is
merely a plain old normal and regular post to those on
only one specific list, such as BAN-GEF, or GENTECH, or RTS.

Therefore, the only people who will have a STRONG opinion about this
topic, in fact the only people who will even have ANY opinion about this
topic, (with rare exception such as Linda) will be those who
know what cross-posting is by experience, hence they will be opposed
to it.

Hence will come a STRONG ILLUSION that the vast majority are opposed
to crossposting. As stated, this will be because only those opposed to
it will have any opinion about it. The majority will wonder what in the
world is the big deal. The big deal is that some people who are subscribed
to many lists want to be "efficient" and not have to use their delete key.
They are willing to allow the majority to not receive information so
that they will not have to delete multiple posts. I do not share this
attitude with them. I care more about the quiet majority for which
cross-posting is a non-issue than I care about loud ruckess by a small
but vocal minority.

Those subscribed to one list will not be aware of any cross-posting
issue. They may not even be absolutely clear about what is meant by the


>Dear Jan,
>I am not on the GENTECH list at present and I find things working well
>for me the way they are.  I might be interested in combining the lists if
>I had some idea what the GENTECH covers that BANGEF does not...

Both lists are covering the same topic basically, with an emphasis on
food for bangef. There is a huge overlap, and relatively few messages are
different. if there were (just thinking awrite) some specialisation, then
people who want to focus their energy and resources on one area, say
food, could choose to subscribe to one list only. Those who want an
overview of everything can subscribe to both lists, which then have
minimal overlap.

Interesting resources like Rachels, the biotechnology news letter, Panups
resources, etc. could go in a faq. No need to post them to the list if
they're not absolutely hot. People who want to have them can subscribe to

It will benefit our cause. We're few for a big task. Let's be efficient.

Vriendelijke groeten,

Jan Storms

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