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Re: Food Slander Laws (fwd)

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Subject: Re: Food Slander Laws

Dear Ronnie:

Thanks for putting this on the list.  I thought you would be interested to
know that before we did this in Atlanta, I actually faxed a letter to Mr.
Ivester, President of Coca Cola and told him I was going to do it.  They
know they are guilty!  Thats why when we let them know we were giving out
warning flyers at the Olympics on the torch route Coca Cola refused to
sell or give out Diet Coke. When we distributed the story of Desert Storm
all of a suden service stations stopped putting Diet Coke out in the sun,
and said they were told not to do it anymore.

The city was flooded was warning flyers on NutraSweet and someone was even
stationed at the airport to give press packets to the athletes as they
boarded their planes for home.  Some people in this huge city of Atlanta
said they even got warning flyers twice.

The city was blocked downtown of incoming cars except the press from other
cities so visitors could walk through the city and see Olympic Park, etc.
As the press went through we handed them press packs which also contained
information on the bovine growth hormone.  

Given out was the story of how diet drinks laced with aspartame heated
in the Arabian sun in the Persian Gulf, at 120 degrees, and we gave out
the story of Joyce Wilson who went blind and died from NutraSweet.

I was amused the day after the olympics when I attempted to hand a woman a
flyer and she said: "Lady, this is old news - don't you know NutraSweet is
a biochemical warfare weapon.  Nobody in Atlanta would dare use this
poison".  Because we had given out packets to doctors in medical
buildings, thanks to Elaine Fitchpatrick, it warmed our heart to hear so
many on the torch route from Atlanta tell us their physician had already
warned them off.  One lady said: "Dr. Boe told me to get off this poison. 
I was going blind and when I did my vision came back.  I tell everybody." 

What does this tell  this list?  There is nothing stronger
than CONSUMER POWER IN ACTION!  And this is what this list is all about.
It works!  As Mission Possible operations open up around the world we are
getting more and more reports from all over the globe as people are warned
off this poison and are "waking up well."

One lady called who happens to live in St. Louis where Monsanto is and
says: "I've spent  10 shattered years of my life from NutraSweet, and its
a wonder I'm still alive.  I'm not interested in money, but I'm interested
in warning the world, and you find me an attorney and we'll take it to
court, not settle - take it to court where the world can hear."  She said
when she reported to the FDA her problems they were so guilty that they
voluntarily sent her a report on how they won their case in court.  We are
familiar with the power, I just would like to know how many times the FDA
has been sued over this?

These food slander laws are unconstitional and they know it and know it
would never stand up in court.  In fact, when I started  Mission Possible
I thought it was time to let the world know that aspartame is not only a
drug masquerading as an additive but it is an absolute poison.  You tell
me what you have when you mix two neurotoxic amino acis that deteriorate
the neurons of the brain causing brain damage of varying degrees -
actually changes the brain chemistry, with wood alcohol, a severe
metabolic poison that converts to formaldehyde and formic acid (ant sting
poison)?  And then the phenylalanine breaks down to diketopiperzine, a
brain tumor agent.  And why would it be listed with the pentagon in an
inventory of prospective biochemical warfare weapons if it wasn't a
poison. We believe in  telling the public the truth.  If you just tell
them its bad for them people who are addicted say: "well, I'm going to die
from something some day anyway."  But let them know its a poison that is
destroying the central nervous system, escalating Alzheimers at the age of
30 and blinding people they will listen.

When a cartoon, syndicated, was published recently, I realized we had done
it - the world knew it was a poison.  It said: ""I've invented a new
artificial sweetener/POISON for attracting and killing houseflies.  I call
it Nutra-Swat!"  Anyone wanting a copy of it along with other material for
distributing simply send a large self-addressed envelope with 6 stamps to
the address below my signature.  The information is free.

If they were going to go after anyone with these food disparagement laws I
would be the one because I always give the facts.  We have that right
under the first amendment.  The Environmental Times titled one article I
It starts off by saying: "Millions on this planet distribute warning
flyers on the deadly toxin aspartame marketed as Nutrasweet, Equal and
Spoonful.  An Austrian journalist has filed criminal charges against his
country for allowing its distribution and has written a book to warn the
world of its dangers.  An ophthalmic surgeon advised the Indian Parliament
to remove this deadly substance from their country.  .. the bombay Times
carried the story. ... Yet, the Food and Drug Administration quietly
approved the widespread use of aspartame in June without advising the
public." This also is included in the press packet.

These are the kind of articles published in this city.  And Return to Eden
put out a brochure on NutraSweet titled KILLER KOLA.  

I doubt if Monsanto wants to sue a consumer.  It would give that consumer
millions of dollars worth of publicity, and bring attention to any on this
globe that do not know that NutraSweet is poison.  They can't afford
it.And every consumer organization in this country would publish the story
and help..  This is why there are so many settlements out of court, and
sealed, to keep the information from the public.   Many NutraSweet
victims who have almost lost their lives now want the case in court for
the world to see. One attorney in Washington already has a $20 million
dollar suit against Monsanto and the doctor who told the patient it was
safe.  Incidently, this is Dr. Atkins who originally wanred his patients
off aspartame in a newsletter that said words like "a six pack of mental
retardation - a bona fide poison".  Then he went back to saying it was
okay.  What do they have over him?

I hope this note will be an encouragement to all - CONSUMER POWER IN

Betty Martini, Founder
Mission Possible Worldwide

For more information on aspartame email:
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                          1. Take the 60-day No Aspartame Test and
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5950-H State Bridge Rd.   2. Tell your doctor and all of your friends!
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On Fri, 4 Apr 1997 wrote:

> There are 13 states in the USA which currently have passed anti-free speech,
> anti-activist food slander laws:
> Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Michigan
> (passed just last week), Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas.
> Here is a article from the Fall 1995 issue of Earth Island Journal on the
> Food Slander laws.
> "Food Slander" Is Now a Crime
> by Gar Smith
> On August 17, a group of activists dumped a mixture of Diet Coke, 
> NutraSweet (aspartame) and rBGH-enhanced milk (produced from cows 
> injected with genetically engineered hormones) onto the pavement at 
> Atlanta's Cheshire Bridge Shopping Center.
> The demonstration, sponsored by the Pure Foods Campaign (PFC), took its 
> inspiration from the Boston Tea Party. But while dumping tea was 
> considered a patriotic act in Boston Harbor, dumping soda, sweetener and
> milk is considered a crime in Georgia.
> "Food slander" laws, in force in Georgia and at least ten other states, 
> make it a civil crime to denigrate or criticize food products without a 
> "scientific basis," explained PFC coordinator Ronnie Cummings. "Industry
> lobbyists admit that these laws are probably unconstitutional... their 
> real purpose is to intimidate activists and concerned consumers."
> Emory Law School professor David Bederman joined the PFC protest and 
> explained to reporters how "food disparagement" laws were ultimately 
> intended to scare not only citizens, but the media as well.
> In Georgia, South Dakota, Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Texas, Arizona, 
> Oklahoma, Mississippi, Colorado and Louisiana it is now against the law 
> to publicly criticize corporate food products under so-called "food 
> disparagement" laws promoted by agriculture, chemical and biotechnology 
> industry lobbyists. Similar laws are under consideration in Ohio and 
> Illinois. "These laws are intended to curtail the right to free speech, 
> to make it illegal to hand out leaflets or to dump rBGH milk in the 
> gutter," Cummings charged.
> PFC claims that Food and Drug Administration Commissioner David Kessler 
> "lied to Congress" when he assured legislators that bovine somatrotropin
> (BST), the genetically engineered growth hormone, was destroyed by 
> pasteurization. Kessler's assurance, which spared Monsanto (BST's 
> manufacturer) the expense of any further research, was based on a 
> scientific paper written by Paul Groenewegen, a graduate student from 
> Guelph, Canada. According to PFC, Groenewegen was "outraged" to learn 
> that the FDA had misrepresented his research. Far from destroying BST, 
> Groenewegen's research showed that subjecting BST to pasteurization 
> temperatures 120 times normal only destroyed 19 percent of the BST in 
> milk. PFC also charges that the FDA will not release research that 
> "proves that lab animals got cancer from BST," despite numerous Freedom 
> of Information Act requests.
> Monsanto's claim that BST is "identical" to natural hormones is also 
> fraudulent, PFC contends, since BST replaces the naturally occurring 
> amino acid lysine with epsilon-N-acetyl-lysine. While this may not sound
> significant, it is known that the alteration of a single amino acid can 
> trigger sickle cell anemia or predispose some people to Alzheimer's 
> disease.
> While rBGH is banned in Europe and Canada, and has been boycotted by 95 
> percent of US dairy farmers, the FDA, Environmental Protection Agency 
> and Department of Agriculture continue to license the drug (and other 
> new genetically engineered foods) without pre-market safety tests. 
> Thanks to industry pressure, genetically engineered foods are not 
> required to carry identifying labels.
> "Instead of giving us affordable, healthy, natural, clean food -- 
> safety-tested and clearly labeled to enable consumers to exercise free 
> choice -- the powers-that-be seem intent upon taking away our right to 
> know what's been done to our food," Cummings stated. "Government and 
> corporation hacks use 'risk assessment' and 'cost accounting' to tell us
> it's 'too expensive' to clean up food-industry practices, even as the 
> Centers for Disease Control admit that 20-80 million people a year get 
> food poisoning."
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> What You Can Do:
> PFC invites activists to stage milk-dumps around the country to call 
> attention to "food slander" laws. For more information, contact: PFC, 
> 860 Highway 61E, Little Marais, MN 55614; (218) 226-4146; (800) 
> 451-7670.