GENTECH archive 8.96-97


Re: Labelling (and promotion of sales)

egidio reale wrote:
> > (

> >I still think the campaign for labelling should be abandoned totally and
> >an all-out war on gmo's declared.

> The evidence you mention suggesting labelling might actually promote sales,
> just points to the dire need for a wide education campaign, but definitely
> clear comprehensive labelling is a must, precisely to allow whatever
> portion of educated, conscientious consumers there may be to make an
> informed decision.
> I am obviously in favour of a general ban, but do not see it likely to
> happen, labelling itself will be rather hard to implement.
> Egidio Reale

This is precisely why there should be a ban. There is no other way of
controlling this. Labelling will achieve nothing and is a total waste of
our time and energy. I suspect many of the people diverting us into this
red herring idea are industry stooges.


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